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7 Reasons That We Shouldn’t See The Photograph

Posted on May 5, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

Breaking news:  The world is debating whether or not to look at a photograph, and here at 7 Reasons we have an exclusive.  We have got hold of the picture that you should never, ever see, and we’re going to let you, our thoroughly grown-up readers, decide whether you want to look at it.  The 7 Reasons team have viewed this graphic image and it’s fair to say that we were somewhat taken aback.  In fact there was gasping and a bit of vomiting.  We’re going to post a link to the picture at the bottom of this post but before you go there, let us explain why you shouldn’t look at it.

a red censored stamp on a black background

1.  You Don’t Need To See It.  Would your life be improved immeasurably by viewing it?  No. Quite the opposite, in fact.  If you want to look at it, it’s only because of morbid curiosity.  You don’t need to see it, and your life will not be enriched by viewing it.  Trust us on this, we’ve seen it, and once you see the picture, you cannot un-see the picture.  It’s like Pandora’s box except it’s not Pandora’s box, it’s a box belonging to someone else.  Don’t look into the box and certainly don’t zoom in on it with your mouse.  The RSPCA don’t take that sort of thing lightly.  Don’t look into the box!

2.  It’s Gruesome.  The image is bloody horrible.  It’s truly sickening to behold and it will haunt you until your dying day.  If you don’t want to see something so abhorrent that you might try to poke your own eyes out with a spoon* don’t look at it.

3.  There’s A ‘Hole.  A big ‘hole.  Where once there was life, now there’s a big gaping ‘hole in the foreground; something vacant.  You really don’t need to see the ‘hole.  Viewing the ‘hole is a truly hideous and traumatic experience that you can well do without.  I would have been better off without ever having seen the ‘hole.  You will be too. Don’t look at the ‘hole.

4.  It’s Puzzling.  It really is.  Imagine you’re a Viking and a blue cat wearing jeggings is explaining string theory to you.  It’s more confusing than that.  And you don’t get to wear a beard or one of those horny hats either.**  There is nothing in the world that makes less sense than this image***

5.  It’s Graphic.  We don’t really know the circumstances under which the photograph was taken; perhaps it was hurried, we don’t know, and frankly we don’t want to think about it any further.  But there’s still a fire visible in the background and there’s flesh.  Much flesh. It’s apparent that the scent of burning flesh would have been strong when this picture was taken.  You don’t need to see that or even think about it.  In fact, stop thinking altogether.  It only leads to trouble.  Don’t think and don’t look at the picture.

6.  Side-Effects.  We’re reasonably young and healthy here at 7 Reasons**** and we felt unwell when we saw it.  So we wondered what this image could do to readers with any underlying health problems and, even though we’re not real doctors, we’ve come to a conclusion via a process of wild speculation and abject conjecture: This image could kill.  And dying would be inconvenient as you’ve probably got things to do this afternoon or dinner plans.   Don’t look at the picture.  And don’t die.

7.  Trust. Now we’ve put the link to the picture just below this paragraph and we’re going to let you decide whether to look at it or not.  But, before you make that important decision, consider this.  If you look at the image, you’ll be doing it for the wrong reasons as – and we’ve made this quite clear – it’s bloody horrible and you don’t need to see it.  We hope you’ll trust that the judgement of the 7 Reasons team in this matter is sound and that we have your best interests at heart.  So when deciding whether to view it, remember that if you choose to look, you’ll be letting us down and you’ll be letting yourselves down too.  Oh, and you should probably lock away your spoons.


Here is the link to the image, don’t click on it.


*Or whatever else you have handy, I don’t know why I assume that all 7 Reasons readers are equipped with a spoon.

**If we do have a Viking reader, imagine you’re a Norman.  Or a Gerald.

***Except for the labels in baby clothes that say “Keep away from fire”.  Where do clothes manufacturers imagine that people store babies?

****When the health and age of the team is taken as a mean average.


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