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About 7 Reasons

Howdy!  Hola!  Hello!  Welcome to 7 Reasons.  So, you want to know more about us?  Well, if you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin.

Our website is chiefly concerned with providing humorous perspectives on a wide variety of topics.  We do this in the form of an argument, pro or anti something, providing seven reasons to support that argument.  We use seven reasons because it is the right amount to support an argument.  A smaller amount of reasons would be too few, and a greater number of reasons would be too many.

Anyone can think of a couple of reasons for something: It would be rude not to accept it and this will look great in the town square are the reasons that the people of Troy let a large, wooden horse into their city.  And that ended badly.  We don’t want a large wooden horse, thank you, and we’re fairly sure that you don’t either.

We could also write a greater number of reasons, but this would be difficult; we don’t like wooden horses, and we don’t like difficult.  A greater number of reasons would also mean longer posts.  We don’t want long, sprawling posts as – this is important – we do this every day.  Every day.  We want you to enjoy our website every day, and we want to entertain or provoke you without taking up too much of your precious time.

After painstaking and exhaustive research we have selected seven as the optimum number of reasons and that’s how we do things from Monday to Friday.

We also love guest posts and we try to host one of those every Saturday, so if you have a good idea, have seen a good 7 reasons post anywhere, or want to write one for us, please let us know.

On Sunday, we go a bit mad and break out of the format.  On Russian Roulette Sunday we will post something, but it could be anything.  Sometimes even we don’t know what it will be.  The one thing it won’t be is a 7 reasons piece, because – unlike God – we don’t take a day off, but we do like to have a bit of a change.

Just below these words you can see the 7 Reasons team sitting on the 7 Reasons sofa, you can contact us via the contact form, by emailing [email protected], by tweeting @7_Reasons or by joining our Facebook page and writing “Hello!”.

We’re happy to discuss most things with you, and we’re delighted to discuss the exchange of money for our words or other media projects, we don’t even mind talking about the weather.

Thanks for popping by, we hope you enjoy our website,

Marc and Jon.

If there is one thing you should know about Jonathan Lee, it is that he doesn’t normally sport a ginger moustache. As a clean-shaven gentleman he is happy being referred to as a copywriter, designer and ideas man. More accurately though, he’s an amateur tea connoisseur and dreamer. He was most famously tipped to bat at number five for England during the 2005 Ashes. Sadly for his Mum, he eventually lost out to local lad Kevin Pietersen. You can visit his website here. Jonathan’s; not Kevin Pietersen’s.

If there are two things that you should know about Marc Fearns, they are that he is usually bestubbled and that his feet really are this big.   Is that three things?   When he’s not writing for this website – or for others – he can often be found hanging out with his very  young son, riding his bicycle into trees and cows, twittering,  blogging and often attempting to consume his own body weight in tiramisu.