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7 Reasons That Goats Should Stare at Men

Posted on January 26, 2011 in Top Posts | 0 comments

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which is based on the work of a secret psychic military unit.  But in that film they’re doing it wrong.  Men shouldn’t stare at goats.  Goats should stare at men.  It’s obvious.  Here are seven reasons why.

The movie poster for the film, The Goats That Stare at Men

1.  Men Are More Interesting Than Goats.  This it not universal, as anyone who’s ever seen the queue in a Homebase on a wet Thursday afternoon or viewed the bits between the sport on Sky Sports will testify, but generally, it is true.  After all, men build things; men wage war; men get drunk; and fall over; men morris dance.  Goats on the other hand, do not.  Goats stand; goats chew; goats stand some more; goats sit down.  That’s pretty much it as far as goats go.  If you want to know how relatively interesting goats and men are, just look at the internet.  The ratio of men to goats depicted online is 999999999999999999:1*.  The evidence is overwhelming.

2.  It’s Less Dangerous For Them Than Staring At Women.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that, in the UK, you are more likely to be physically assaulted in a pub car park by an addled simpleton enquiring, “Are you staring at my bird?” than in any other circumstance.**   And this is a scenario that goats are just fundamentally ill-equipped to deal with.  Rather than diffusing the situation by calmly and rationally replying, “Yes, but in a curious, rather than a lecherous way.  Is her skin naturally that orange?  Did she apply her mascara with a spoon?  Shouldn’t someone be holding her hair back while she’s vomiting?” a goat would just stand there, being a goat.  If they stared at women, our pub car-parks and city centres would be full of hyper-aggressive drunkards punching goats every weekend to the soundtrack of “leave him Gary, he’s not worth it”.  No one wants that, except Gary.  And he’s an idiot.

3.  Conscience.  In the modern secular age, where our notion of an all-knowing God and right and wrong are becoming ever more confused and blurred, we all need a little help and guidance every now and again.  And what better way to make men consider their actions than by having a goat stare at them.  After all, there are many, many things that you might conceivably do when alone that you would not do when a goat was looking at you.  These include:

  • Picking things.
  • Scratching things.
  • Rubbing things.
  • Pulling things.
  • Poking things.
  • Looking at things.
  • Other stuff with things.

Could you look at pornography if a goat was staring at you?  No.  Could you pick the pocket of a nun if a goat were staring at you?  No.  Could you have sex with a goat if a goat were staring at you?  No.***  If goats stared at us, we’d live better lives.

4.  Time-Saving.  If you’re a man you’re probably thinking, I won’t have time to look after a goat.  I have important things to do, I have trains to look at and pants to file and whatnot.  But you’d be wrong.  Your staring-goat would actually save you time as you’d never, ever need to mow the lawn again.  Nor, if you already do this, would you need to go and chew the local playing field for half an hour every day, your goat could do that for you too.  Being stared at by a goat is like being given the gift of time.

5.  Education.  Goats will get something from the whole staring at men deal too.  They’ll learn from us.  After all, goats haven’t evolved or significantly changed their lifestyle since they first appeared on the planet (unless they evolved from geese, in which case, well done goats, do carry on).  By staring at men, they might learn to do something other than standing in a field and staring at men.  They might evolve to use tools, to walk upright, to tell time or even learn to read books, instead of eating them.  Goats will benefit.

6.  Responsibility.  This is not universally the case, but many men lack a sense of responsibility and really only get one when fatherhood is thrust upon them.  But being the keeper of a staring goat would engender that sense of responsibility.  After all, there’s nothing like having to feed something, teach it right and wrong (not to butt the television except when East Enders is on, not to gore the cat with its horns etc) to make you realise that you have other things to think about than whether your shoes are a slightly different colour to each other, or whether the light on the floor varies significantly over the 15cm gap between them causing them to appear different…Nope, it’s the light.  Right, where was I?  Oh yes, and the ladies will love you when they see you tenderly strapping your goat into the back of the car before setting off on journeys.  They’ll see you as potential breeding material, so you’ll be more sexually successful.  Though you will have to perform with a goat staring at you, good luck with that.

7.  Trains.  Men – despite the Clint Eastwood/John Wayne/Buster Keaton strong, silent stereotypes – are gregarious social creatures for whom being alone can lead to loneliness, and that lack of socialization can in turn lead to eccentricity, outright weirdness and a penchant for trains.  The company of a staring goat would prevent men becoming lonely and developing strange habits, which would eventually lead to the demise of trainspotting as a pastime.  It would probably also lead to the end of model aeroplane building and World of Warcraft, so bring on the goats, I say.  Oh, and please send my next-door neighbour his first, as the sounds of his model trains are audible in my loft at night.  And they interfere with me cataloguing my button collection.****

*This figure is made up.  I don’t have time to count the internet just to illustrate that men are represented there in a far larger number than goats.

**It’s interesting to note that no one, ever, in the history of drink-fuelled, envy-inspired, pub car-park assaults has commenced proceedings by uttering the phrase, “Are you staring at my fiancé?”

***It would be the wrong way round, for a start.

****This is untrue.  I wrote it for comedic effect, please, please, please do not send us any correspondence about buttons.  No buttons.  No!

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