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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Join A University Sports Team

Posted on October 27, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Joining a university sports team isn’t all about how good you are at, for example, football. It is also about frequently partying, team banter, being the donkey of the day, drinking, drinking, laughing when some steals your pants and more drinking.

7 Reasons To Join A University Sports Team

If you want to attain a respectable degree, you may think it’s a good idea to avoid such shenanigans. You may be right, but here are 7 reasons why joining a University sports team is the best idea since sliced bread and of course the see-through toaster.

1.  Making friends for life. Leaving home for University is a daunting prospect. For probably the first time in your life you’ll be away from your parents and friends for a prolonged period of time. The thought of that kinda sucks. So one of the best ways to get involved straight away is to visit the fresher’s fair and sign up to a sports society. The induction will normally involve downing dirty pints whilst standing on a chair singing the national anthem (speaking from experience), however it’s a small price to pay as making yourself look like an idiot is a great way to break the ice and form bonds that never crack.

2.  Legendary status. Going on a team night out and abiding by all the tasks the seniors set you, will provide you with a Van Wilder-like status. Also, if you are actually good at the sport of choice and put in a few “god-like” performances on the field and in the sports hall, that’ll do nothing but enhance your burgeoning reputation.

3.  Partying. After a hard day of study and lectures at University the best way to unwind is to socialise. Being part of a University sport’s team provides you with the opportunity (sometimes more than you would like) to let your hair down and have a laugh. University is all about getting the work/life balance correct. Too much work and you can quickly turn into a nocturnal creature dependent on Lucozade and coffee. Alternatively too much partying can lead you to become less focused on your study and result in a zombie like existence. So do your work, then enjoy life.

4.  Going on tour. Being part of a sport’s team or society will more than likely present the opportunity to go on tour and visit foreign countries. Festivals such as Saloufest, Festival Italia and Damfest all provide opportunities to play sport against other students from different Universities. One great way to personalise the trip and add to the banter is to design and order team t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies bearing the University logo and nicknames/slogans, click here for more information. Here are a few good slogan ideas…

  • I’m not shy – I’m just examining my prey
  • I can fix anything – Where’s the duct tape.
  • I’m in shape – Round is a Shape

5.  Forfeits. Being the victim of forfeits isn’t great, especially if it’s your fourth time that night. However, designing them and watching them in action rectifies that pain/pleasure balance. Watching someone remove their attire and ride a traffic cone as if it was a pony, may not sound like everyone’s idea of a great night out, but when you’re at University you’ll be amazed at how good such things are for  morale. The memories will last a lifetime.*

6.  Stops you getting fat. After a week of being a student, your diet will most likely sound something like this… Pot Noodle, Chocolate, Crisps, Alcohol, Kebab, Pizza, Alcohol… you get the drift. Therefore it is important to burn some of the excess calories off with exercise. Exercise at University will help keep the pounds at bay and prevent you from becoming a Jabba the Hutt impersonator. Though obviously if you’ve also joined the Star Wars Appreciation Society, something will have to give.

7.  Reduces Stress. Although, to many, University students give the impression that they are laid back, party-crazy, tax-dodgers, the truth be told, attaining a degree can be very stressful. Stress can be caused by money (the lack of it), assignment deadlines (the one tomorrow morning) and exams (the one tomorrow afternoon). Taking time out to forget about all of this is imperative for your sanity and overall happiness. Exercise stimulates the brain to release feel good endorphins, leaving you happy all day long. You also won’t fee as bad about eating Onion Rings every night.

*We do not condone borrowing traffic cones. It’s one of the main reasons roadworks are never completed on time.

Author Bio: Chris is a recent University Marketing graduate and keen sportsman (armchair sports fan). He is currently writing on behalf of expressgarmentprinting.co.uk.

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