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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Good

Posted on October 28, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Truth be told many of us hate the demoralising Monday morning alarm and rush to the office only to be greeted by a desk of paperwork and your evil boss. The 9-5 grind can get the better of even the most workaholic individual, so why not bite the bullet, clear up your office desk and work from home? Here are seven reasons why running a home-based business can be the best decision you will ever make.

7 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Good

If Delia Smith can make a mint working from home, why can’t you?

1.  Dress code. T-shirt, pyjamas or even your birthday suit, working from home can let you dress as you like without comments from HR and management regarding corporate dress code policy. This has many benefits, but few are better than the satisfaction of rolling out of bed in your  Superman PJs straight into the office. Ultimate efficiency. No time wasted.

2.  Your office is your castle. Working from home enables you the privilege of designing your very own office sanctuary. Comfortable and productive, the days of sitting on uncomfortable office furniture, at bland generic desks, will soon become a thing of the past. Just imagine the possibilities of creating a completely unique work station with a range of beautiful furniture and accessories.

3.  Stationary won’t grow legs. There is nothing more annoying than every piece of office stationary you buy disappearing. Communal offices provide a perfect environment for stationary evolution; where, in a matter of minutes, single cell biros can develop the ability of movement and walk off without warning. With the correct furniture and storage space in your home you will be able to keep all of your stationary essentials safe. And threaten any want-away with the staple gun.

4.  Home Cooking. Nothing beats a hearty home-cooked meal. Working from home will enable you to eat what you want, when you want. No more boring, bland packed lunches or overpriced vending machines. If you are lucky you could even have your partner or parent cook the food for you, letting you fight the hunger pains without sacrificing levels of productivity/looking on YouTube.

5.  Flexible Hours. Getting up early on those cold winter mornings isn’t for everyone. Well, when working from home there would be no need to chuck the alarm clock at the wall anymore. You will have the freedom of a butterfly in a country meadow. However, it still requires a bit of discipline as you will still have to work in line with your client’s expectations. Breakfast meetings they might be happy with, bed and breakfast meetings… not so much.

6.  Daytime TV. Working from home will introduce you to the wonderful world of daytime TV. Why not work away listening to the tranquil background noise courtesy of your country’s finest individuals on the Jeremy Kyle Show? If nothing else, it’ll make sure you work you backside off so you don’t end up on the programme too.

7.  Save money & save the environment. Nothing raises blood pressure more than rush hour traffic. No longer will you have to contend with grid-locked roads, full of workers desperate to get home at the end of the day. This, in turn, will help you save money, which would normally be spent on fuel and also save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. In other words you can add the title ‘Eco-Warrior’ to your ever-expanding CV. Take that BP!*

*Other oil companies are available.

Author Bio: Chris is a recent University Marketing graduate and keen sportsman (armchair sports fan). He is currently writing on behalf of thefurnituremarket.co.uk.

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