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  1. Utterly brilliant. Not the folding obviously, just everything else.

  2. I think your Origami looks quite good. I tried making a fish once, but it just looked like a scrunched up piece of paper.
    Incidentally, videos are hard to watch in the office; but reading can be done more easily. Can we have more written reasons please?

  3. This could also be ‘7 reasons why paper beats rock’. The frog is my favourite.

  4. @Simon: Thanks. Obviously.
    @Helen: Yes, that would have looked out of plaice.* We have turned to the video format to try and increase productivity in the nation’s workplaces. Rest-assured though, we will return to written posts as soon as GDP hits 2%.
    @Aspa: There is a guest post in that idea.

    *’7 Reasons To Do Fish Puns’ is on its way.

  5. First of all massive LOL for “Looks like Sarah Palin”. Second, your origami is quite good, maybe only the paper is not right king for that. Anyway nice movie.

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