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7 Reasons Not To Have Sex With A Penguin

Posted on July 4, 2011 in Posts | 4 comments

Yesterday, we showed you some of the search terms that people have used to find our website but, as is often the case, no sooner had we posted that piece, someone discovered our website in a new, and not entirely unalarming way.  Someone in the Netherlands (thus confirming at least one national stereotype about the Dutch) found our website by entering the search term “what to do if I had sex with a penguin”; a search for which we rank number one on Google.  Now, we have no idea why we rank so high for this search term, it’s not as if the team spend their days thinking about – or writing about – having sex with penguins (until today) but, seeing as we rank so highly, we feel it is our duty to tell people not to have sex with penguins and to point out that it is wrong.  Here are seven reasons why.

A road sign prohibiting sex with a penguin

1.  They’re Hard To Get Hold Of.  I’m not thinking of the technical difficulties of having a dalliance with a penguin, you’ll be pleased to note – though they do look slippery – but more about their scarcity.  In the UK, they are rarely seen in our waters which means that, for the casual penguin-fucker, the most likely place to find a partner is a zoo.  Because of this, if you wanted to have sex with a penguin, you’d have to break into a zoo at night.  If successful, you’d run the risk of being eaten by a lion and if unsuccessful, you’d face a very interesting conversation with the police, a series of eye-grabbing headlines in the local paper and a rather high level of public opprobrium.


This would be bad.

2.  They’re Hard To Get Hold Of II. Or, you might decide to save yourself a breaking and entering charge by committing the act at a time when the zoo is open.  Now, as a new father, I’ve recently begun to develop a fear of answering difficult questions from a growing son with an enquiring mind but, I have to admit that nothing I have thought of so far fills me with as much dread as the question, “Daddy, what’s that man doing to that penguin?”  That’s the sort of question I definitely intend passing on to my wife.  And I’d also prefer to be addressed as Father, but most of all, I’d prefer not to be put through it in the first place.

3.  It Would Be A Backward Move.  Penguins – though they might be confused with fish by the unaware and…well…me*  – to the rest of humanity, are birds.  But surely (and I’m sure we’re all grateful for this) no one in this country has had sex with a bird since the heyday of On The Buses in the mid-1970s.  There’s no way we should start doing that again, that would be a backward step.  Nor we should we address anyone as “Love”, though that’s a different post.

4.  You Are A Man.  Men shouldn’t have sex with penguins because if, as a result of your inappropriate interspetial intercourse, you should sire any progeny, you are in for a big shock: While fathers of human babies can usually get away with changing about one in three nappies and don’t have the equipment to feed a human baby (so can be pretty hands-off) as the father of a penguin you’ll be expected to go to the South Pole and balance your offspring on your feet for months.  That looks tedious and you’ll miss a lot of cricket as you stand there with all the other penguins hoping not to get eaten by a polar bear and looking at the snow.

5.  You Are A Woman.  As a woman, should you end up bearing the child of a penguin you’ll…actually, I don’t believe that any woman has, at any point, ever considered having sex with a penguin.  I just refuse to believe that women are that weird.  Obviously I’m still open minded though so, if you are a woman that has considered having sex with a penguin, please let us know via the comments section.  We want to hear from you.

6.  Black And White.  Penguins are in black and white and – for the most part – no one has sex in black and white, that’s just not the British way of doing things.  Look at Brief Encounter: a mannered depiction of repression, subsumed emotion, inhibition and tea at railway stations.  That’s in black and white, is there any sex in it?  Hell, no.  Want to take a penguin for tea at a railway station?  Fine, that’s your business.  Want to have sex with a penguin?  Well you can’t.  It’s not how we do things.

7.  There’s No Future In It.  When seeking prospective long-term partners, not smelling of fish is high up the list of things that people look for in a mate.  There are other things that are up there on the list of desirable attributes too: Not having a beak; not having flippers; not having webbed feet (except in Dorset); not walking like a penguin in fact, not being a penguin are all right up there.  In a game of Ideal Mates For Humans Top Trumps, the penguin card would be the one no one wanted to be saddled with.  And if you were dealt a hand that contained both the penguin and the Ryan Giggs cards, you could pretty much abandon all hope of victory.

We don’t do eighth reasons around here but if we did, we would offer you this piece of information that comes to us courtesy of writer, solicitor, giant and friend of 7 Reasons, Richard O’Hagan.  He tells us that under (the rather brilliantly numbered) section 69 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, having sex with a penguin is against the law.  I briefly thought I’d found a loophole, but it seems that even though penguins can blow, that’s precluded in section 78.  So it’s not just logic that says you shouldn’t have sex with a penguin, it’s the law too.


*They can’t fly, yet they do swim and they’re often chased by killer whales, how is that not a fish?


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  1. It seems the law also fails to believe a woman would have sex with a penguin (or any other animal) Paragraph 1 clearly refers to ‘he’ while Paragraph 2 only mentions ‘a Person’.

  2. Simon, you can now add amateur solicitor to your CV. It’s not quite as glamorous as being Raffles: The gentleman burglar, but it’s up there. Wherever there is.

  3. Polar bears live in the Arctic, penguins in the Antarctic…so being eaten by a polar bear is not a problem if you do happen to get a penguin pregnant…

  4. After being greatly disappointed by the male (and female) human population of this planet, barely surviving many seriously baffling occurrences that not even the greatest psychologist would understand, i have reconsidered my preference of the human species to any other organism. You see, animals can’t talk (aka. they can’t confuse you), you can keep them trapped in you home and (most of them) aren’t clever enough to free themselves and last but not least, they’re really good in “bed”. Despite trying many different species, lions (it didnt end well), monkeys (they’re too much like humans) and many others (including a hedgehog, but that night was greatly disappointing), i have decided that penguins are the best. I might not be searching for a life-long partner (i can just get another one, to be honest), but penguins are truly spectacular. They’re not confusing, they don’t talk, they are caring and they love me. I think anyone in their right mind would prefer them to the human species. Once you try it, you won’t be able to get enough.

    PS. always use birth control, those little penguin embryo beaks can really hurt you womb, trust me.

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