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7 Reasons The Cassette Is Better Than The CD

Posted on February 23, 2010 in Posts | 1 comment

1.  CD Case Design Flaw: Part A. Whichever genius designed the CD case was/is not a genius. A genius would not have made the breadth of the case so bloody tiny that the name of the artist/album is impossible to see unless you have your nose pressed up against it. The breadth of the cassette case was ideal. Perfectly readable from a sensible distance and far less risk of adding a plastic splinter to your face.

2.  CD Case Design Flaw: Part B. One for the environmentalists among you. The CD case uses three parts. The cassette case uses two. It isn’t difficult to work out where Global Warming came from is it?

3.  Double-sided. When you bought an album on tape, you were in fact getting two mini albums. And A-side and a B-side. Musicians actually took this into account when putting the track listing together. And it made a huge difference. Oasis’ Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story (Morning Glory?) were both released on tape. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants was not. Coincidence?

4.  Sturdiness. A cassette is to a hammer what a HobNob is a to a cup of tea. The CD is a rich tea finger. Pathetic.

5.  Write Protection Override. In the good old days when cassettes appeared on every shelf in Our Price, you could go to bed on a Sunday night happy in the knowledge that you wouldn’t ever have to set foot in that store. That is because you’d just used a bit of masking tape on your father’s copy of Born In The USA and recorded that week’s Top 20 over it.

6.  Manual Rewind. Sticking your little finger into a cassette and giving it a turn one way or the other made you feel in control of your music collection. Sticking your little finger through the middle of a CD and spinning it makes you look like a prick. And you’ll get a knuckle cut.

7.  Labeling. It was so easy to write on a cassette. Usually it came with specially designed labels anyway. All you had to do was get out the biro. With a CD though, you need a special pen. Does a special pen come with a blank CD? Does it hell. You have to go and find a branch of bloody Hobby Craft. And of course that is miles away. On an industrial estate. Next to a Wickes and Charlies Car Wash and a burger van.

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1 Comment

  1. Hahaha! I jsut stumbled across this and had this to say:

    1. This means that CDsgenerally take up less storage space
    2. What are you on about? Are you saying more energy is spent manufacturing CD cases or something?
    3. The usable audio legnth of both sides of a cassette combined is usually about the same or a little less than what a single sided CD has, which may also be double sided.
    4. CD’s don’t snap when you use them too much and they don’t fegrade in the same way.
    5. Maybe fair point lol
    6. You don’t need to rewind a CD and spinning them on your finger is fun.
    7. Maybe another sort of fair point.

    Now you can laugh at me for taking this too seruously. Though I suppose cassettes have greater use now as they are re-recordable.

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