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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Shave (for men).

Posted on November 17, 2009 in Posts | 3 comments

Thinking of shaving?  Don’t bother, it’s a pointless waste of time and your life will be improved by not doing it.  Here’s why:

1.  You are on the run. No one that goes on the run shaves.  Saddam Hussein – Beard.  Radovan Karadzic – Beard.  Harrison Ford in The Fugitive – Beard.  I don’t know why the authorities don’t draw beards on wanted posters.  Fugitives always stop shaving.  Why not just round up all bearded men?  They did it.

2.  Christmas. You are a portly man with white facial hair.  Of course you shouldn’t shave before playing Santa.  Children will inevitably pull your beard.   If your beard should come off in a child’s hand, they will learn in a shocking and traumatic manner that Father Christmas isn’t real.  Not only will you have ruined Christmas for them, you will have broken the sacred bond of trust between a young child and society.  Eventually, disillusioned, the child will withdraw from society, becoming a loner, a sociopath and, in adulthood, a criminal.  Their criminality will escalate until they commit a crime so heinous that they will be forced to become a fugitive and stop shaving.  This will be your fault.   All because you shaved.  You bastard, Santa!

3.  Skinny jeans. You wear skinny jeans and a plaid shirt.  No one that wears skinny jeans and a plaid shirt shaves.

4.  You are a Nazi. None of the crew of a U-boat shave at sea, so they end up with beards at a similar stage of development.  We have learned from movies that the more ardent a Nazi the submarine’s Political Officer is, the poorer and sparser his beard growth is.  This makes him appear less masculine than the rest of the crew and marks him out for ridicule.  Not shaving helps fight Fascism.

5. Turkish barber. You shouldn’t shave if you live near a Turkish barber.  If you did, you miss out on the pleasure of having someone else shave you.  Who’d want to forgo the experience of having a middle-aged man – shaking and hyperactive from far too much strong coffee – holding a cut-throat razor to your jugular and gesticulating wildly, millimetres from your face, while he asks you where you’re going on holiday this year?  Then he sets your ears on fire.  You’d miss that if you shaved.

6.  Shaving is boring. Scraping your face every day is mind-numbingly tedious, in fact, shaving is the second dullest experience known to man.   Why not stop?  Then you’d have more time to paint that fence or read this website.  The dullest experience known to man is thinking about Celine Dion while shaving, in case you were wondering.

7.  Stubble. If you don’t shave, you get stubble.  Stubble is brilliant.  Stubble is manly.  Stubble  makes a noise when you scratch it – a noise!  How cool is that?  Stubble makes you look like Don Johnson.  Stubble irritates your wife.  Stubble is a facial badge of freedom.  Stubble is a bridge between your hair and your face.  Stubble prevents you from resembling an accountant.  Don’t shave.  Get stubble.

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  1. Stubble is evil.

  2. Love a man with stubble, it’s that laziness and hotness that appeals to women
    .-= Rachel Simmo´s last blog ..A Blog Near You =-.

  3. I find a woman without stubble hot.
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..One Night. One Hundred Buses. =-.

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