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7 Reasons For 7Reasons.org

Posted on November 16, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments

1.  Enjoyment. We’ve been running our 7 Reasons blog for a while now.  We really enjoy it, and other people have been enjoying it too.  We want to keep on enjoying.

2.  The name. The blog was called 7reasons-sevenreasons.blogspot.com as this was the best name we could get on Blogger.  That’s a seriously rubbish name, it’s totally unmemorable and we want to make a 7Reasons.org mug.  If we’d made a 7reasons-sevenreasons.blogspot.com mug it would be huge and useless for drinking coffee from. Its size would mean that it was only suitable for the sort of unsophisticated chap who thinks that drinking an enormous quantity of tea is a good idea.

3.  Help. 7 Reasons is basically a self-help guide, so people deserve to find it.  The catchy new name should help them do this.  It’s help (non-self).

4.  Blogger. We had quite a few issues when using Blogger as a host.  We would often discover that when we viewed our meticulously crafted posts on the blog, that they had been re-spaced and re-sized, that the font style had changed with bold type often randomly added.  We found that undoing this was rather tricky and time-consuming.  We also found that it was often difficult to log in.  On the day that we launched the blog, for example, neither of us could log in to post our debut list.  This sort of thing was unacceptable and we hope that with our own site we can eradicate this sort of issue.  In fairness to Blogger, I should point out that their services are free and that the co-authors of this website both continue to host their personal blogs there.

5.  New Stuff. Now that we have our own site, we have a huge scope for new functions and features.  We’re going to be tinkering and adding new stuff as we go along.  We’re not sure what yet, but it will be new and it will be stuff.  We’d love to hear suggestions.

6.  Email. Our old email address was, like the old site name, large and unmemorable.  Our new email address is [email protected], which is a vast improvement.  Consequently, we expect to receive more emails from readers, with their suggestions for topics, for website features and functions and (we really hope this happens) complete 7 Reasons lists.  We know that you’re erudite and funny, we read the comments.  Why not have a go yourself?

7.  The World. Hitler wanted to take over the world, we do too.  We see this as the next stage in our quest for world domination.  7 reasons that Marc and Jon should run the world, there’s an idea…

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