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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Learn English In The UK

Posted on June 6, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Studying at home requires discipline, dedication and high levels of motivation. Most people find this difficult or a lot of hard work. Learning a language while away on the other hand – well, that’s just exciting. Here’s why:

7 Reasons To Learn English In The UK

1.  You Get To Meet British People. From eccentric inventors to flamboyant entertainers, the UK is home to more characters than the Chinese alphabet. Getting to know people is one of the best ways to learn a language quickly – and one of the most rewarding. Whether it’s mastering the art of banter, or picking up a few words of slang, making new British friends is an exciting opportunity.

2.  It’s A Good Excuse For A Holiday. People have been coming to the UK for a little rest and relaxation for centuries. In 2011 alone, more than 30 million overseas visitors made the journey. Tourism is one of Britain’s largest industries and the nation comes up with innovative ways of entertaining its visitors, seemingly by the hour. Whether it’s walking round Wales via its new coastal path or making a visit to a recently opened National Trust property, there’s always something to do.

For those who want to combine their holiday with a little learning, most English language courses in London and elsewhere incorporate day trips and other excursions into their teaching programmes.

3.  You Develop As A Person. As cheesy as it sounds, those who study abroad gain more than just the ability to speak English. Increases in self-reliance and self-confidence are just some of the reported benefits.

7 Reasons To Learn English In The UK

4.  You Gain New Qualifications. The UK has long been regarded as a centre for academic excellence. It has some 165 higher education institutions and 115 universities. The two most famous – Oxford and Cambridge – are known the world over. It’s no exaggeration to say that the UK is brimming with schools, teachers and a general air of studiousness.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, employers outside the UK are far more impressed with students who have English language qualifications from Britain than they are with those who have done little more than sit at home listening to an audio CD.

5.  You Have Fun. Learning a language with other people is fun – especially when the learning is taking place in an exciting new country packed with pubs, clubs and other places designed for good times. Language students are friendly and eager to get to know others on their courses. Where better to cement new friendships than a country famed for its nightlife and natural beauty?

6.  The UK Is The Home Of The English Language. Old English first began making an appearance in England’s Anglo-Saxon kingdoms during the 5th century – the word ‘English’ is derived from the name of the Angles from the German region of Schleswig-Holstein. The Norman conquest of England in the 11th century led to the development of Middle English, but it wasn’t until the Great Vowel Shift of the 15th century that Modern English took shape.

The language of Shakespeare, Byron and the Beatles remains closely tied to its country of origin. Language students who visit the UK will gain an understanding of its context that can never be learnt from books alone.

7.  Finding A Course Is Easy. The UK is home to more English language courses than anywhere else in the world. For those seeking English language schools London is the nation’s language learning capital. Courses can last from one hour to one year or anything in between. Teaching can take place at a designated centre or at a chosen location. With so much competition between schools, the consumer reigns supreme.

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