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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Renting A Desk Can Preserve Your Sanity

Posted on July 30, 2011 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Joining us on the 7 Reasons sofa today is Rob Clymo. Rob writes on behalf of Office Genie, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space. You can even rent a desk on a ship. Which isn’t one of the reasons why a desk can preserve your sanity, but perhaps it should have been? After the ship, it’ll be Rob. (Yes, I really like the renting a desk on a ship idea. It’s a ship!)

Guest Post: 7 Reasons Renting A Desk Can Save Your Sanity

Rent a desk. On a ship!

Why would anyone want to rent a desk? Like in an office, right? If you’ve ever had to do a hard days toil in a sweatshop for an ugly boss and work alongside even uglier colleagues then taking up residence at a rented desk might seem like your worst nightmare. But it needn’t be…

1.  Networking. Believe it or not, networking can be fun although you’ll have to talk to people. And that doesn’t just mean insulting them verbally either. Despite your aversion to tedious work colleagues, things might have looked up since you’ve started working for yourself. However, picking up new deals and contracts is all about connecting with your clientele and that doesn’t mean at the end of a long pointed stick either. A rented desk could be just the way to open lots of doors. Renting a desk allows you to sit in a plush office looking like you’re worth more than you actually are.

2.  Admin. If you hate paperwork and you’ve also got an aversion to doing accounts and other dull as ditch water paperwork, then why did you go into business in the first place? The great thing about renting a desk though is that there is little contractual nonsense; it’s all short-term and on a rolling basis. Simply turn up, plonk yourself down and smile – it’s all yours. Well, not quite because the landlord owns everything. Ask nicely and he may let you put up pictures though.

3.  Stop The Madness. Why me? Why not? Yes, despite those dusty old school reports that state that you must try harder, it is possible to pull yourself out of the grip of bar work and pan cleaning. Go for it, and if you’re running your own show then it only seems logical that you create your own little ivory tower in a bid to drum up business. Actually, renting a desk can mean you’ll be more productive and enjoy working in a prime location alongside other people you might actually like. It beats going slowly mad in that spare bedroom of yours.

4.  Location, Location, Location. Okay wise guy, what sort of location do you suggest then? A broom cupboard in Soho or a penthouse suite in Pimlico? There are desk rental options open to all sorts of workers, from freelancers and one-man band operations through to megalomaniacs and power trippers. No matter who you are, you’re able to pick a rented desk in some of the most desirable locations. Such as? Well, what about central London? What do you mean that’s an unfashionable dump – it’s the heart of big business. Apart from yours.

5.  In The Beginning. How, why, what? Setting up a business is scary. You might be clueless with cash, but money talks. So hire an accountant. First up though, get yourself a decent office to hang out in and a Newton’s Cradle to impress the neighbours. All you need to do is harness the power of the internet and do a search for desk rental schemes. If you’re too tight to spend much on either yourself, or anyone else you’re hoping to employ, then rent a desk at the entry-level.

6.  Start At The Bottom. What’s entry-level? This is aimed at you stoopid. You’ve got limited funds but need a flat surface for your laptop, coffee mug and lucky gonk. So, you’ll get a desk silly. And not much else. There may be tea. There may be coffee. You’ll probably get a broadband connection, but precious little else. Well, what else did you expect for a pittance? So don’t forget your laptop. Oh, and bring some toilet paper as a few landlords out there aren’t as generous as you might think.

7.  Expand, Expand, Expand. But I need more. Dry your eyes and get over it. There are no friends in business, although the man who comes round to sell you overpriced sandwiches might be up for a pint after work. But, stick with it and you might need more than a solitary single workspace, as a lone desk with a coffee cup on it isn’t going to look enticing to anyone. So, push the boat out as your business goes from strength to strength by upgrading to a serviced office. What’s that? It’s a posh place with receptionists, post room and IT support. Cool huh?

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