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7 Reasons to buy an Austin Seven

Posted on July 31, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

What’s this?  You’re doubtless thinking.  A 7 Reasons post on a Sunday?  That’s never happened before.  And you’d be right (probably).  But today, history has provided us with one, in the form of an Austin Seven advert from 1933.  And it’s brilliant; I’m so convinced by the arguments contained within it that I want one.  So here, for your entertainment, amusement and personal betterment, is the amazing advert and also a bit of an analysis.

a period (30s, 1930s, thirties, 1932) car ad (advert, advertisment).  Motoring.

1.  “It provides the cheapest form of road travel-a penny a mile for four, all in.”  This is astonishing.  If you (or I) were to purchase one of these and operate it as a taxi the profits would be so vast that we’d soon be richer than Croesus.  And conveniently, less dead.  Less than a penny a mile!

2.  “It is extremely easy to drive, easy to park.”  That’s brilliant.  That will save me spending ten minutes reversing and going forward in a car before saying “fuck it” and abandoning it in the middle of the road.  It will also make it easy to train others to drive it (of which more later).

3.  “It needs no mechanical knowledge; it is trouble-free.”  It’s an everlasting car that never needs to be tinkered with.  Fantastic.

4.  “It is good for five, six or even more years of hard use.”  Oh, so it isn’t then.  Still, that’s quite a lot of use.  Especially hard use.  After all, it’s hard for cars to float on the sea, so for it to last five, six or even more years when being used to drive to and from France would be a good performance.

5.  “It is as fully equipped and finely finished as cars three times its size.”  Superb.  It’s every bit as good as the Austin Twenty-One then.

6.  “It is free from superfluous weight, being the lightest saloon car made-hence its unburdened power and light running costs.”  Unburdened power:  I like the sound of that and, even if there are costs involved in running the lights, I don’t care.  I’m sold on it.  I want one.

7.  “It is the only baby car proved by the public for over twelve years.  No other car can give you equal results.”  Wait!  Baby car?  That’s amazing.  I have a baby.  I won’t even have to drive it myself!  I’m going train him to drive (it’s easy to drive, remember) and put him to work as a taxi driver.  Then I can sit back and wait for all of the money to come flooding in.  This is going to be amazing.

*7 Reasons will return tomorrow, probably in diamond-encrusted form, with gold taps.

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