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7 Reasons That This Is Not A Circular

Posted on August 11, 2010 in Posts | 1 comment

A buff envelope has arrived.  It bears the legend, “THIS IS NOT A CIRCULAR”.  But I already know that.  I can tell.

An envelope which states on the front that "This Is Not A Circular"
I made this in Photoshop to protect confidential information and to prevent the internet from stealing my soul. (I am referring to the envelope. I did not construct Milton Keynes in Photoshop)

1.  It Has A Puzzling Series Of Numbers And Letters Above My Name. No one receives circulars with baffling and impenetrable sets of numbers on them – unless they subscribe to a sudoko magazine – so it’s definitely not a circular.  The reference numbers and letters are a puzzle in themselves though:  Why are there so many of them?  Does this organisation really need a forty-six character indexing system?  Is it merely coincidence that my waist size and the amount of times I’ve eaten trifle in the past six months are contained within the numbers?  Is this what happened to Dan Brown?

2.  It’s From Rhyll. Circulars tend to be fun, exciting things that you’ve subscribed to, and are happy to receive.  They don’t come from Ryhll: Home of nothing fun and exciting (It’s the town motto).

3.  It Says “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” On It. It doesn’t just say “private and confidential”; it shouts it with great portent, in a bold, roman font in capital letters.  This is presumably to instil terror into the heart of any ne’er do well that may be thinking of breaking into the letter.  It commands non-addressees not to open it.  The contents couldn’t be safer if they digitally encoded them and gave them to MI5.  Really, they couldn’t.

4.  I Can See That It’s Not A Circular.  It’s got four corners.  It’s a rectangular.

5.  Because My Name Is Spelled Correctly. It’s an easy giveaway.  No circular – The Chap magazine, the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary newsletter, Tiramisu Consumers Monthly, the Rohan catalogue (as soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to subscribe to more interesting things, I promise) – ever spells my name correctly.  It’s the law.  Some of them (I’m thinking of you, Font Magazine) manage to spell both of my names incorrectly – and my address – though it is done very neatly and tastefully.

6.  It’s In A Buff Envelope. No fun personal correspondence comes in a buff envelope.  None.  In fact, nothing exciting comes in a buff envelope.  White envelopes, yes.  Yellow envelopes, yes.  Purple envelopes, yes…every colour other than buff, which isn’t even a colour, except on envelopes.  Has anyone ever painted their house buff?  No, they haven’t.  That would be silly.  And dull.

7. Because I Don’t Want To Open It. I feel an instinctive aversion to opening the envelope.  It looks like it contains something really boring.  This never happens with circulars, except the Toolstation catalogue (white envelope), which always reminds me that I should be hammering and banging at something, and that I don’t own enough power-tools (to build a nuclear submarine).  If you want me to open the envelope print, “THIS IS A CIRCULAR” on it, or add a picture of a happy dog to the front.  That may fool me.  Then I won’t ignore it while I write about it before heading off to do something more interesting than reading it.  Visiting a quilt museum, for example.

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1 Comment

  1. It’s a good effect, Photoshop has so many features I love it have you tried the style effects you could add a little 3D in there to add the realism, like shadow around the white sticker, when I found the styles box in Photoshop I never turned back

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