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7 Reasons Owl City’s Fireflies Is Nonsense

Posted on February 13, 2010 in Top Posts | 6 comments

1.  “You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies, lit up the world as I fell asleep.” Ten million fireflies? Seriously? Do you know how difficult that would be to organise?

2.  “’Cause they’d fill the open air, and leave teardrops everywhere.” Erm…if a firefly cried it would just put itself out. In fact it would probably drown itself. Logic fail and animal cruelty in one sentence. Classy.

3.  “It’s hard to say, that I’d rather stay, 
awake when I’m asleep.” Well of course it bloody is. Even the most accomplished of sleep-talkers struggle to say what they want when they are asleep. Most of them talk about cows.

4.  “’Cause I’d get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs, as they tried to teach me how to dance.” No, no and no again. So that’s one hug from every ten bugs is it? How exactly does that work then? And what the hell happened to the other 9,990,000 fireflies? Oh, that’s right. They died in a teardrop suicide pact.

5.  “A foxtrot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed, a disco ball is just hanging by a thread.” What? What the hell is a sock hop? Is that the thing a newly pubescent boy uses eight times a night?

6.  “To ten million fireflies, I’m weird ’cause I hate goodbyes, I got misty eyes as they said farewell.” Yeah, not just weird to fireflies buddy. Now stop being a big tart and grow a pair.

7.  “But I’ll know where several are, if my dreams get real bizarre, ’cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar.” What is wrong with you man? You keep fireflies in a jar? Can’t you afford a lava lamp?

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  1. Hate this rubbishy tune – but at least it foiled Jedward. Sincerely hope this is not one of your fatality-inducing posts though

  2. Detest it too – only got to hear the opening bars & it irritates the hell out of me. It’s even sillier when you actually look at the lyrics.

    Oh hehe, Ceci!
    .-= SarahCanterbury´s last blog ..Steven Crook =-.

  3. Why the hell is this linked to Wikipedia? It’s too one sided. Your review is way too logical, ur just a bored retard who wants something to complain about. Lotsa songs don’t make sense.

  4. Maybe before you start rudely labelling others as retards, you should actually take a look at the site? It’s not a review of the song, it’s a 7 Reasons post. Did you really think it was serious? Deary me.
    .-= SarahCanterbury´s last blog ..Cool Marcus Trescothick! =-.

  5. Marcus, I think you’ll find that Wikipedia linked to this, rather than the other way round. I can assure you that Jon is neither “too logical” or “bored”. Nor is he a “retard”.

    Also, your name starts beautifully and then lets itself down quite badly towards the end. You should consider dropping the letters “u” and “s” as they hamper the rest of it – much like the relationship between your head and your body, I imagine.
    .-= Marc´s last blog ..A…er…y’know…Video =-.

  6. So you’re saying EVERY SINGLE SONG in the world makes sense and is logical except for this? Yeah, the answer is no. Many many many songs don’t make sense/has weird lyrics. You’re just looking for excuses to hate on this song

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