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7 Reasons That Christopher Walken is Great.

Posted on November 22, 2009 in Posts | 2 comments

Christopher Walken

1.  Hair. Christopher Walken’s hair is amazing, it’s thick, lustrous and full.  It’s always slightly odd though.  It’s never styled in a way that anyone would choose to have their hair done.  Have you ever heard anyone ask their hairdresser for “a Walken”?  Of course you haven’t.  To strengthen his hair, he pulls it for ten minutes per day.  Christopher Walken’s hair is strong.  And weird.  Christopher Walken’s hair is probably the only thing that can beat Chuck Norris in a fight.

2.  He’s funny.   Christopher Walken is hilarious. Watch this.

3.  The Deer Hunter. Christopher Walken is amazing in The Deer Hunter, managing to outshine both Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep – he even holds his own when performing next to John Cazale, which is the best any actor can hope for.  He looks like an angel in the early stages of the film, which makes his eventual descent into despair and ultimate disintegration all the more poignant and harrowing.  He actually spat in De Niro’s face in one scene, which came as quite a surprise to a furious De Niro.  That’s brave.   Christopher Walken is so good in The Deer Hunter that they should have given him more than one Best Supporting Actor Oscar for it.   At least three…no, four.

4. He’s a betty. It’s beginning to look like 7 Reasons(.org) has a bit of a man-crush on Christopher Walken.  We should point out that ladies like him too.  We have shown this clip to ladies and ladies have told us that he is a betty, which is a good thing, apparently.

5.  Bond. In View to a Kill, Christopher Walken was the best Bond villain ever, playing a Nazi-eugenics-created psychopath who, when he wasn’t giving drugs to horses or sleeping with Grace Jones, spent his time cruising the San Francisco Bay area in his dirigible, hurling businessmen into the sea.  During filming of View to a Kill, Roger Moore had to have his hair thickened every day.  Christopher Walken did not.

6.  The Watch. Pulp Fiction is a fantastic film, containing many fine actors and performances.  Here’s how Walken totally steals the show during his four minutes on screen.

7.  Delilah. We genuinely believe that this is what goes on in Christopher Walken’s head.

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  1. He really is a betty. One of the best lists by far!

  2. #8 The Weapon of Choice video.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Cardiff/Caerdydd =-.

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