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7 Reasons to go to The Cinema

Posted on November 19, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments


1.  You are a basketball scout. Where better to find abnormally tall people to play in your team?  They’re always at the cinema, usually in the seat immediately in front of you.

2.  Gauge your normality. When, during the scalping scenes in Inglourious Basterds, the rest of the audience are gasping, groaning, covering their eyes and looking away while you’re grinning and thinking, “Cool!” you learn that there is probably something wrong with you.   And by “you”, I really mean me.

3.  Bladder testing. Have you ever worried that you have a weak bladder?   Go to the cinema.  You’ll soon realise that it’s stronger than you think when you have to stand up to let the same man through three times during a ninety minute film.   Obviously, if you’re the man went to the loo three times, you have serious bladder problems, please stay away from the cinema.

4.  Be cool. In my experience, there’s nowhere better to discover the latest, most fashionable, ringtones than when watching a film at your local cinema.  Going to the cinema helps you to stay down with the kids.  Innit.

5.   Sound. Cinemas have the most amazing surround sound systems, with speakers mounted everywhere and subwoofers the size of Highland cows.   The sheer mind-boggling array of whooshing noises in the cinema is worth the admittance price alone.   And that’s just low-budget independent art films.   Hollywood blockbusters have ninety times as much whooshing and the full panoply of rumbling too.   All the way from deep rumbling that makes your stomach hurt through to slightly less deep rumbling that makes your teeth hurt.  Brilliant.

6.  Popcorn. Popcorn costs a small fortune, has the texture of polystyrene chips and the flavour of a cardboard box.  It is served in a bucket.  How superior do you feel when watching your fellow cinema-goers consume it?   It’s a shame you can’t bottle that feeling.

7.  Peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s hard telling people to stop talking, that you’d just like some peace and quiet.   Saying “I don’t care what happened in the office, please stop bothering me with the minute by minute account of your day” makes you appear mean and there are often recriminations.   If you take that person to the cinema, someone else will raise their finger to their lips and say “Shh!” so that you don’t have to.   It’s always woman in her fifties that does this.  No one knows why.

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