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7 Reasons Carla Bruni Should Replace 7 Reasons Carla Bruni Should Replace Nicolas Sarkozy as French President as French President

Posted on November 11, 2009 in Posts | 1 comment

1.  The stamps would look much, much better.

2.  The President would be visible when speaking from behind a lectern and would no longer need to wear high heels.

3.  Paris-Match magazine wouldn’t need to photoshop the President’s holiday pictures.

sarkozy photoshop

We’re not sure why they turned him pink.

4.  Angela Merkel would have someone to go to the toilet with at EU summit meetings.  We still don’t understand why women do that (Go to the toilet together, that is.  We’re fairly certain we know why women go to the toilet).

5.  Less Presidential time would be wasted jogging.  Look at him, stumbling along in her wake.  If she wasn’t being held back by a wheezing short-arse she could probably finish the run in half the time.  This would leave more time for doing important President-y stuff and having a long lunch (it is the French presidency, after all).


6.  As President, Carla Bruni would have less time to devote to her “singing” career.

7.  More of a picture than a reason, but a convincing argument, nonetheless.  She’s French, you know.
Do you have additional reasons, perhaps even sensible ones?  Use the comments section.
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1 Comment

  1. hehe this guy just cracks me up! Really a man for the great moments.D

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