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7 Reasons to Hate the Thaw

Posted on January 15, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

1. Brown.  The thaw is brown.  Everything is muddy, slushy and brown.  The grit that was scattered onto the snowy roads and pavements and is now visible, is brown.  The river is brown.  The bare trees are brown, the uncovered grass is brown, Gordon is Brown.  Nothing good is brown (except beverages and beverage based desserts, obviously).

2.  Slush.  When the snow is on the ground it’s a pure, blank canvas which will be affected in an obvious way by whatever is on top of it.  When it melts, however, it’s just a brown, wet slushy mass.  We all know what’s in yellow snow, but we’re not sure what’s in all those brown slushy puddles.  What is it?  It could be anything.  It’s slush, but it’s not blue and doesn’t taste of cherry, which is a big disappointment.

3.  Snowmen.  The streets are full of dying snowmen.  Is there anything sadder than that?  They are like urban, wintery versions of Ozymandias, whose power and grandeur and gilded age has passed into ruination and decay.  Soon they will be a distant memory as they assume the form of an old, discarded hat and some twigs scattered on the ground.  My neighbour’s snow-penis is also looking distinctly unimpressive at the moment.  Perhaps I should forward to him some of the many emails I receive offering me Viagra.

4.  Nice.  The snow is a special time.  With the passing of the snow the nicety will go.  When you encounter a neighbour walking down your snow-covered street in a blizzard you generally smile at each other, glance skyward and tut.  When you encounter police with their riot shields out in the snow they’re using them for sledging.


With the thaw, when you bump into your neighbours, they will scowl at you as usual, or worse, they will converse with you.  When you encounter police with their riot shields out they will beat you to death as usual, or worse, they will usher you into the Ricoh Arena.

5.  Balls.  When the snow goes, the local ne’er-do-wells will be unable to pelt cars, buses and cyclists with snowballs containing rocks.  They will, instead, pelt cars, buses and cyclists with rocks.  Not only will this cause more damage, but it will rob passers-by of the strange spectacle of a bunch of youths with their tracksuit-bottoms tucked into their white socks, apparently floating eight inches above the ground while assaulting the traffic.

6.  Sledging.  When the snow is gone sledging is difficult, if not impossible.

7.  Disruption.  Disruption to services is forgivable in the snow as, well, it’s the snow!  Everything is good in the snow.  Now that the snow is thawing, however, disruption to services is annoying and unforgiveable.  Especially these bins that have been blocking this path for a week.  Expect to see this picture again in 7 Reasons my Neighbours Should be put to Death.  Idiots.


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