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7 Reasons That Not Having a Key is Frustrating

Posted on October 8, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

My  key isn’t working, and this is going to be a difficult thing to convey to you, but I don’t mean the key to a door, a safe or a bicycle lock.  I mean a key on my keyboard.  My comuter keyboard.  But I can’t tell you which key isn’t working, because I can’t tye the damned letter because the key isn’t working.  Just to be clear about it though, it’s the letter that comes between O and Q in the alhabet and is situated immediately to the right of the letter O on a qwerty keyboard.  There’s a big icture of it just below.  Here are seven reasons that not having a working  key is frustrating.

a icture of the letter b uside-down

1.  Google Is Not Always Useful.  I first realised that my  key wasn’t working earlier this evening while trying to access a friend’s blog.  It’s called Sectator Sort.  Oh, I thought, that’s going to be a bit of a roblem.  So I did what I always do when a technical issue arises with my comuter.  I searched Google for a solution.  It wasn’t very successful.  I tyed:  “Hel!  The key on my keyboard has stoed working”.  The results weren’t any use at all.  Never mind, there are more ways to skin a cat.

2.  The Direct Route.  It occurred to me that I didn’t have to Google the roblem. I could just go directly to the relevant section of the keyboard manufacturer’s website. I even knew the address.  I tyed www.ale.com/suort and was most disleased with the result.  Because I had a 7 Reasons ost to reare for the following morning.  Never mind, I decided that I would just get on with it, and exlain at the to of the iece that my  key isn’t working (which is what I’ve done).  I then oened Word and began to tye u my notes.

3.  The Law.  I got as far as the title.  I realised at once, that if I went ahead with the ost I had lanned to write, we’d robably end u in court.  There was no way round it.  7 Reasons Shane Warne Is The Most Inventive Deliverer of Leg Sin That The World Has Seen was going to have to be ostoned.  I thought I’d have another go at getting the keyboard fixed first though.  Because I had an idea.

4.  Email.  I could email my writing artner, Jon, for hel.  While I was in Word I wrote a brief exlanation of my roblem, and a few key hrases that I’d like him to Google for me and then I tried to log into my email account.  My assword didn’t work.  Bugger.  My assword contains a .  In fact, my asswords for just about everything do.  So it was no good, I was definitely going to have to write something else.

5.  Other Titles.  I went back to my notebook and trawled through the list of otential ost titles I have jotted down there.  I quickly discarded 7 Reasons That The en Is Mightier Than The Sword, 7 Reasons That it’s Fun to lay ranks on eole, 7 Reasons That irates Are Amazing, 7 Reasons That Graveyards Are Sooky and 7 Reasons That Sace Exloration Is ointless.  That left me with 7 Reasons That Valentine’s Day is for Girls.   Which would have been fine if we ublished it in February, but didn’t seem very toical in October.  So I decided to write about my key roblem instead.  To hel me get some focus, I started with the icture.

6.  hotosho.  We always ut a icture at the to of every 7 Reasons ost – usually a hoto that we’ve got from Google Images – or occasionally one that we’ve made ourselves in hotosho.  I soon realised that utting the letter  into Google Images wasn’t going to yield an image of the letter , so I hotoshoed one.  It took me a while to work out how I was going to do it but eventually I did.  I tyed in a letter b and flied the image over.  That was clever thinking and I felt quite roud of myself.

7.  ride Comes Before A Fall.  And then I wrote for a coule of hours, the stuff you see u there, totally sontaneously without making any notes at all.  And then I got to reason seven, and I aused to consider it.  And while I was thinking, something occurred to me.  Something quite fundamental.  I could have cut and asted the letter   from an existing document.  What a illock!

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