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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Watch Ashes To Ashes

Posted on May 8, 2010 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Pushing us to one side and sitting on the 7 Reasons sofa this week is Chris Aram. Though we kind of get the feeling that she would much rather be on the sofa with someone else.

Gene Hunt Quattro

1.  Gene Hunt. The archetypal macho man. We don’t necessarily want to live with him, but we do want to be shagged by him. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. Men envy him and wish to god they could get away with behaviour like that!

2.  Philip Glenister. A damn good actor – who has a brother who is also very fine and completely different. He’s probably good for an intellectual debate, but maybe not a…

3.  Gene Hunt. Who wouldn’t respond to being called “Bollynickers”? Okay, maybe with a slap, yes, but just think of the making up. Who else could say, “Fire up the Quattro” and get away with it? That’s right only Gene.

4.  That Uptown Girl Routine. Now I work for the NHS and, after an arduous night shift following that comic relief night, we greeted the day staff with our own version of that routine. But when Gene Hunt and co performed it, we were all in awe. How could they do that and not look naff…

5.  Philip Glenister. Having watched him closely for a while now – in various guises (him not me) – he is a fab actor. Always self deprecating. Keeping a little back. Always leaving you wanting more.

6.  Gene Hunt. Always dresses well. Likes a drink and a fag. Seems to be harbouring a secret love story. That nasty Jim seems hell bent on trying to make him the bad guy, but let me tell you, it aint going to work and it only makes the ladies want to protect him and stick up for this luscious man. (Sorry getting carried away here!).

7.  Philip Glenister. No one else could have played the part of Gene Hunt. This is no Dr Who. I mean, Matt Smith being macho? Nice as he is…I don’t think so. And Glenister is not going to be defined by this role alone. We all look forward to more of his work.

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