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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Not To Fear The Dentist

Posted on September 23, 2012 in Guest Posts | 1 comment

7 Reasons Not To Fear The Dentist

1.  Your dentist gives you free stuff! Don’t you want free lip balm, toys and all the toothbrushes and floss you can stuff down your pants? After the dentist finishes the exam and cleaning, often these lovely parting gifts await you.

2.  Your dentist understands your fear. And will give you plenty of nitrous oxide (laughing gas)! Whether it’s because you had a traumatic experience as a child or you don’t like the idea of someone poking around in your mouth, some people have a real fear of visiting the dentist. According to Comfort Dental of Anderson, Indiana, when patients receive sedation dentistry work, it allows them to have little or no memory of the experience. No reason to be scared, you won’t remember anything!

3.  Your dentist helps you have a winning smile. Say goodbye to crooked and yellow teeth! Smiling helps facilitate better first impressions and makes you look more attractive. Your dentist can help create a million-dollar smile–whether it’s a professional teeth whitening session or straightening your teeth with braces. Your teeth will look so stellar that friends and family will no longer ask about your uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula!

4.  Dentists use the latest technology. No rusty tools a-la Little Shop of Horrors. Today’s dentists’ offices are more like Star Trek (Beam Me up Scotty!). Offices are equipped with the latest technology so procedures are not only less invasive but also allow patients to feel more comfortable. There are many new technologies that accomplish these goals, such as devices that even eliminate the need of the fear-inducing drill.

5.  Your dentist keeps you healthy. If your dentist spots something like oral cancer during a routine checkup, you can thank them for saving your life. Truth is you only have one set of teeth. If you deal with dental issues before they become a problem, chances are you won’t be so scared to go because there won’t be any major problems. Crazy concept, we know.

6.  Calming atmospheres and soothing music. Some dentists’ offices have transformed into downright spas! Televisions, calming music, chamomile tea and white noise machines with ocean sounds are just a few of the amenities that provide a calming and inviting dental experience.

7.  Your dentist knows what he is doing. They went to school…for many, many years! Becoming a dentist involves at least two to three years of prerequisite science courses during the four years of college to receive an undergraduate degree , and dental school is another four years. Throughout schooling, dental students have intensive instruction that involves nine hours of lectures and/or lab five days a week, totaling about 100 credit hours of classes each year.

After all the years of school, they still need to be licensed by the state before they can practice. They need to pass the National Board Dental Examinations and clinical board examinations to show that they are competent to practice dentistry. Some states may even require one to two years of residency. And if your dentist decides to specialize in anything from pediatric dentistry to periodontics, that involves even more years of schooling. All this makes them super smart, so you trust them to look in your mouth.

Becoming a dentist takes hard work and extensive training. So have no fear. You are in good hands!

If you have a dentist who had put you at ease, nominate them here.

Post contributed by Alisa Vilabrera of TopDentists.com

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1 Comment

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