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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why A Fridge Freezer Is Your Best Friend

Posted on July 15, 2012 in Guest Posts | 1 comment

When life gets too tough we all do it, we all turn to that one shiny square symbol of comfort, yes you got it in one, the fridge freezer combo. I understand that the fridge-freezer is so much more than an appliance; it shelters your beer, hides the children’s treats and offers you a place to stash your ready meals from the Mrs (who happens to think you have managed to learn how to cook whilst she is at yoga). These are the 7 reasons why your Fridge Freezer is your best friend…

7 Reasons Why A Fridge Freezer Is Your Best Friend

1.  Fridge-freezer is the most practical invention on the planet. Think about it guys; where would we be without the fridge-freezer combo? Well I will tell you, we wouldn’t be that far behind damn dirty apes. The sheer practicality and advancements in technology part us from an archaic existence and through the pure genius of combining both the fridge and freezer (someone needs a pat on the back for that) we are able to store more and more food. We are basically like advanced technological squirrels.

2.  Making your mates jealous. Having the best fridge-freezer is guaranteed to make your mates envious, they won’t let you see this jealous streak but be warned they are secretly judging you on the size of your new appliance. But hey, relax, ask them if they want a drink; then see if they want ice with that, obviously from your amazing new built in fridge ice dispenser.

3.  Had a bad day? Your fridge-freezer is there for you. So the kids insist on kicking you in the leg and drawing on the newly decorated walls. After 4 hours of trying to bribe reason with them they have finally surrendered and fallen asleep. You still have a mountain of paper work to go through (don’t forget to wipe down the walls too). Threat no more the fridge is here for you grab an ice cold beer and some ice-cream before the wife emerges from the bath. The fridge-freezer demands that you have some “you time”.

4.  Think of your beers and ready meals, they deserve a good home. Let’s face it (despite what your wife thinks) you rely on the odd ready meal to feed yourself and the kids on the nights she insists she needs to work anyway. Think about it; with a bigger, more efficient, fridge-freezer you can hide such meals better plus nobody will find that extra 4 pack of cans behind the salad draw.

5.  It can protect you from nuclear explosions. If there is one thing that we all learned from the brilliant – and in no way a disgrace to the adventure genre – movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it’s that climbing into your fridge will leave you unscathed and ready to embrace the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. It’s in a movie, so it has to be 100% scientifically accurate. Nice one, Mr Fridge.

6.  Man Drawer: fridge style. Here’s some food for thought if you’re diplomatic and extra complimentary to your other half maybe she will give you the huge privilege of having a man drawer: fridge style? Yeah just imagine a man drawer in your freaking fridge, your own refrigerated cubby hole to store all of your special treats. Let’s cut to the chase; it would basically be the ‘beer and meat’ drawer, with rules stipulating that all salads and low fat yoghurts be banished.

7.  The fridge-freezer is the heart of any family home. No matter how you dress it, the fridge- freezer combo is an industrial giver of family happiness and joyous memories. Without it, chances are you would have died from food poisoning, starvation, heartbreak and spontaneous combustion. And really who wants that; not me! I would rather have a fridge-freezer. So I suggest you get yourself a new best friend; a fridge-freezer. Guaranteed not to break your heart.

Author Bio: Rachel Hurley spends her days working as a writer for Appliances Online. In her spare time she likes to rescue snails, watch Dexter and overdose on caffeine. She is also due to release her first solo single with Universal, entitled ‘Oh joyous Fridge’, with a B-side track ‘Refrigeration for the Nation’. Available to download now, only $9.95.

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