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Guest Post: 7 Reasons You Should Be Watching The NBA Playoffs

Posted on July 4, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

You can argue that basketball just is not the sport for you, or that your hometown does not have a professional basketball team. While this may be true for many, this is still no reason not to tune into the NBA playoffs. Millions of hopeful fans across the world will be tuning in for every one of their team’s games, press conferences, post game shows, and player interviews with anticipation as their team shoots, dribbles, and scores their way to a world championship.

7 Reasons You Should Be Watching The NBA Playoffs

With so much excitement, why not make an effort to be a part of it? Your boss will be talking about it. Your waiter will be talking about it. Even your reverend will be talking about it. Do you really want to be left out when NBA playoff conversation begins? Even if you don’t care to talk about the sport, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the playoffs. Let’s give you seven.

1.  Star-Studded Teams. Even though “there is no I in TEAM,” many teams are carried by their star, or even their cast of stars. These players, some of the best in the world, are extremely entertaining on the basketball court. Players like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant have been carrying the team on their back all the way to playoff contention, so you better believe they will be working hard for that world championship. Expect to see some of the best players in the world play some of their best basketball during the playoffs.

2.  Top 10 Plays. For those of you unfamiliar with Sportscenter, I’m sure you always look forward to the end of the program when the top ten plays of the day aired. Often times, many of these can be bland or boring. Well, when you see the high quality of play displayed during the NBA playoffs, you’ll soon understand why the highlight reels are filled with absolute gems on the court. Highlight dunks, clutch shots, and last-second game-winners are sure to arouse amazement for any level of sport enthusiast.

3.  Defense. So maybe you’re just not impressed with high scoring offense. Many people love to see high quality defense; when athletes play their heart out, the defense is reflected. Blocked shots, stealthy steals, and just rock solid defense can be expected in these best-of-seven series.

4.  Team Pride. Pick a team; any team. Follow them diligently. Even if you are not from the area or did not grow up a fan, you will most certainly become attached a team that you root for. Seeing the emotion and heart that is poured out on the court really makes you appreciate a solid team effort, since this can also be seen as a metaphor for life and the pursuit of a dream. Also, seeing a teamwork so well together and win tight games together is a really gut-wrenching experience because the more you watch them, the more you start to empathize with them. You are guaranteed to be at the edge of your seat for at least the duration of one quarter of any given game.

5. Historic Performances. If you’re a sports fan, I’m sure many can recall Michael Jordan’s playoff games. Or maybe even Wilt Chamberlain’s incredible performances. Well, needless to say, there is no lack of talent in the NBA. Every year, every series, every week, players are leaving it all out on the court with absolutely awe-inspiring performances. Just tune into some of the Conference Finals games or the NBA Championship games, you’re sure to see some incredible performances.

6.  Historic Moments. Do you really want to be that guy at work who missed the last-second shot to win the game? Absolutely not. There’s a reason some of these moments have been engraved in sports history. Or why these moments have millions of views on the internet. Or why even people of today’s generation are familiar with game-winners from 50 years ago. These moments go down in history.

7.  The NBA Finals. Sure, the playoffs are great, but the NBA Finals is where the action is. Watching your team scratch and claw their way through the competition is only the prerequisite for the main stage. The NBA Finals prove to be one of the most prestigious and popular series of sporting events in the world. With so much at stake and so much to prove, you can only expect to see the best basketball on Earth.

Author Bio: Becky Harris writes on a variety of topics for Upack moving containers.

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