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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why Recycling Saves You Money

Posted on May 25, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

7 Reasons Why Recycling Saves You Money

It’s a well-known fact that recycling is good for the environment. The less we throw away, the less rubbish ends up in landfill and bulk waste and the less harm we do to the environment. However, despite the proven benefits that recycling has for our world, too many people just don’t bother. Either they think it’s too much effort or they just don’t know what can be recycled.

Yet in today’s tough economic climate, with household budgets stretched to breaking point, we all need to save as much money as we can. Recycling is actually a great way to save yourself some money – just making a few simple adjustments around your home and when you’re out and about you can make some serious savings.

So, with that in mind, here’s 7 reasons why recycling saves you money.

1.  Swap Your Clothes With Friends. Rather than splash out on new clothes and throw out your old ones, have you thought about holding a clothes-swapping party with friends? Not only could you make a fun evening of it with wine and niblles you could end up creating a whole new wardrobe for yourself! Give your friends a call and suggest they bring along something they no longer wear – if you’ve got your eye on a pretty summer dress what better way than to get it for free and save yourself a few bob?

2.  Sell Your Old Mobile. Rather than chuck out your old mobile phone, why not sell it to an online mobile recycling website? There are plenty of companies out there who will pay you for your old mobile – you just search for your mobile and see how much you can get for it. Once you’re happy you’ve found the highest offer they’ll send you a pre-paid envelope and you just post it back – you’ll be sent funds in return. Your old mobile will then be sent to a third-world country to either continue its life or recycled for its gold components.

3.  Re-use Plastic Bags. Rather than take a plastic bag or pay for one of those “long-life” bags from your supermarket or grocery store, the next time you go shopping why not take one you already have? In Wales, customers are already paying 5p per plastic bag and the law will be coming into force in England soon. With that in mind it’s time to get into good habits early – if you use 5 plastic bags per week that could add up to a saving of £1 a month or £12 (or more!) a year!

4.  Recycle Food Waste For Compost. Rather than chuck leftover meat, fish, teabags, coffee grounds, vegetables, fruit and even old pasta and rice, did you know it can make excellent compost material? If you set yourself up a compost bin and have a waste management plan in place you will end up with rich, valuable compost for your plants in a few months. Just feed in your scraps and let it ferment – the resulting product can be used on your houseplants and in your garden – no need to buy expensive “premium” garden centre compost!

5.  Keep Greeting Cards And Wrapping Paper. Rather than throw out Christmas cards and wrapping paper come the festive season, remember to keep them back for next year. With a bit of imagination and 10 minutes with a pair of scissors these cards will make excellent gift tags to put on presents, while your festive wrapping paper can make excellent craft material if you’ve got kids.

5.  Re-use Bottles. Rather than buy expensive vases or candlestick holders, used wine bottles make nice alternatives. Filling up finished soda bottles with water or sand make great freeweights. You can even push the money-saving even further this with this neat ‘toilet tank’ trick. Instead of putting a household brick in your cistern, fill up a plastic bottle or two with water and drop them in. They will displace enough water to save a half gallon to a gallon with every flush. Most toilets flush just fine with a little less water. Based on a flush-per-person a family of 4 could save 16 gallons a day – or around £50 a year off your bill!

6.  Re-use Newspapers. Rather than put all your finished newspapers in the recycling bin, they can save you money through a number of ways. Newspaper dipped in water mixed with a splash of white wine vinegar cleans windows a treat! No need for expensive cleaner! Instead of buying kindling, if you’ve got an open fireplace it makes great firestarter. Old newspaper is also great for wrapping up valuables if you’re on the move, so no need for expensive bubble wrap!

7.  Recycle The Rain. Rather than go through the pain of having to pay an expensive water bill, if you are on a water meter you really can save a small fortune by re-cycling the rain. When the heavens open, if you get yourself a water-butt, you’ll build up a heavy store of completely free water. You can use this to water your plants, your garden and even wash and rinse your car with. With the cost of water rising and hosepipe bans in force, having a water butt can see you save some serious money.

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