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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Worship The Sun

Posted on May 22, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

1.  It’s Got Super Powers. Before you say I’m mad, think of it like this: on a lovely summer’s day, no one looks directly at the sun for fear of going blind; therefore, it demands the respect of its subordinate underlings. And, if you’re vain enough to laze under its UV command all day long, it will punish your vanity with burns, peeling skin and a short life. Sounds a bit like a wrathful deity, right?

2.  The Statistics. The centre of the sun is 15,000,000°C. It contains 99.9 % of all matter in the Solar System and a million Earths could fit inside it, with room to spare. It weighs 333,000 times more than the Earth, is at least 4.5 billion years old and resides 93,000,000 miles away- yet it can still burn your skin to a crisp. Boom.

3.  It’s Just Another Star. You know when you look up on a clear night and see all of those fire-flies stuck up in that big blueish black thing? Well, Pumba was right, they are balls of gas burning billions of miles away, and our Sun is simply the closest one to the Earth.

4.  It Giveth Life And It Taketh Life Away. Without our closest star, we would not be able to breath. Like, seriously, life on earth would be annihilated. I shouldn’t have to tell you about photosynthesis but, for the benefit of those who fell asleep in biology, here’s a very detailed scientific diagram.

7 Reasons To Worship The Sun

5.  Don’t Worry; Be Happy. Research has proven that sunshine produces an extremely important vitamin in humans. You know when the sun is shining and you feel like you could take on the world and nothing bad could ever happen again? That’s vitamin D coursing through your veins, and it’s very good for your well-being.

6.  Be A Green Warrior And Save Dollar. If you invest in a roof light in your home, you could save money and lessen your carbon footprint. This is because skylights let lots of natural light into the room, reducing your need to use artificial lighting, reducing your bills, reducing your energy consumption and reducing your overall carbon emissions. Not to mention solar power, which gives you FREE electricity!

7.  From Darkness Comes Dawn. Sunsets, sunrises, whichever you prefer. It is just so pretty.

7 Reasons To Worship The Sun

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