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Guest Post: 7 Reasons You Need Bird Proofing

Posted on April 20, 2012 in Guest Posts | 1 comment

Pigeons. Seagulls. Rooks. Seagulls. There are many species of birds that cause a real nuisance – from squawks and screeches these birds create an awful amount of mess, ruin roofs and can be incredibly aggressive too. To deal with these pesky pests you may need to invest in a bit of bird proofing. Here’s seven reasons why.

7 Reasons You Need Bird Proofing

The flock gathered to watch their next victim

1.  Pigeons Are Rats With Wings. Let’s face it, no-one loves pigeons. Especially city-dwelling pigeons. They multiply at an amazing rate, they get into roof spaces when roosting and structurally damage buildings with their copious amounts of mess. Throw in the feathers they leave behind everywhere and

2.  Rooks Are Noisy. If you live in the country, you’ll know all about rooks. They are very sociable birds and form nests high in treetops and they can number hundreds, if not thousands at a time – as such the noise is terrible! From as early as 4am these birds can cause a real racket – if you’re a country retreat or hotel you’ll know about it from the amount of complaints you’ll get!

3.  Seagulls Are Aggressive. Oh I don’t like to be beside the seaside! Ever been for a nice walk on the beach or pier and had your fish and chip lunch ruined by aggressive seagulls? They cause a real headache for seaside businesses through their mess – and they can be pretty scary too! They are very territorial birds – get near their nest and you’ll know about it. Plus they can spread salmonella. Yuck.

4.  Starlings Anger Gardeners. If you’ve got green fingers, the starling is your main enemy. These birds eat grubs, grains and seeds and will happily chomp away at your green shoots. Plus if that wasn’t bad enough their droppings can cause real problems – they carry a fungal respiratory disease that grows in soil, so if you’re growing fruit and veg you can really make your family ill.

5.  Canada Geese Scare Pilots. Canada Geese are not only noisy, opportunistic feeders, they flock together. If you’re a pilot – you are scared of these birds. They flock together and if they get sucked into a plane’s jet engine…well the consequences are unthinkable.

6.  Bird Proofing Isn’t Expensive. Believe it or not, bird proofing solutions aren’t expensive. They can range from putting up simple bird netting and bird spikes, to things like electrical deterrents and wire deterrent systems. Contact your local pest control company who will often carry out a free survey to see what you need!

7.  Hawking Is Cool. We’re going to say it – hawking is cool. It’s probably the most expensive bird control solution, but it pits nature against nature. Hawks convince gulls and pigeons that there is a real threat in their nesting area, which makes those pesky birds scarper. Watching these beautiful birds fly up and scare away pigeons and gulls is a sight to behold.

So there you have it. Seven simple reasons you need bird proofing if you’ve got problem birds. For more information, check out www.nbcbirdandpest.co.uk.

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