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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Travel By Car

Posted on March 23, 2012 in Guest Posts | 1 comment

Holidays are something that we all need and love; without them we would all go a little crazy! The way we travel is really down to personal preference: should we fly, ferry or drive? We all have different ideas on how to get to our destination, but what happens when we do arrive? Do we sit by a pool all day sipping cocktails or do we explore? This is where we step in and say “book a hire car, see more”! Not yet convinced? You will be after these 7 reasons:

1.  No Waiting At The Airport For The Hotel Transfer. There are many a bad childhood memory to be told about landing in the foreign airport at 1.30am, tired and grumpy, waiting what seems like a decade for your suitcase – which always seems to be the last one out – and then standing outside with the rest of the happy campers waiting for your accommodation transfers. Once you have all been ushered on and you’re on route, it appears that not only was yours the last suitcase off, you’re also the last hotel drop!

2.  You Can Choose Your Passengers. We’ve all been there; jumped on a bus thinking it will save on the holiday budget and got stuck with a person that proceeds to tell you their entire life story and why they are embarking on this journey alone, or that bloke with the worst personal hygiene ever who smelt; normally he has dreads, those pants that are neither full length or shorts, and a few beads around his neck.

7 Reasons To Travel By Car

3.  Make Day Trips Your Own. Everyone has encountered those annoying holiday reps that speak in a voice high pitched enough for the local dogs to hear and they think we are all stupid tourists that need every single attraction pointed out and explained to us in so much details that we suddenly find jumping of the Eiffel Tower a better prospect than just climbing the steps.

4.  Getting Lost And Then Finding Your Way Again. What’s a holiday without a little adventure? Take a car hire Barcelona for example; one minute you could be driving down a busy road and think ‘I’ll just take the next left to avoid the traffic’ and BOM you’re in the dodgiest city area you have ever seen, thinking you’re just about to get car jacked and then you turn another corner and you’re back in the land of camera snapping tourist. Now that’s a story for the grandkids!

5.  You Can Find The Best Beaches. You can read a tour guide book to find out where the tourist beaches are, and if you spend a day on one of those you’re likely to get hit by a football from the family next to you and their over active kids, or be attacked by a cheap rubber lilo in the sea. Now book a car hire Gran Canaria an you are free to unearth those hidden coves, known by only the locals. But beware, you could come across a few nudist beaches as well!

7 Reasons To Travel By Car

6.  Make A Little Money On Your Travels. Heading off for the day but have room for two more, why not offer that nice couple that are staying in the same hotel as you a lift? At a small cost of course. This way you can cover your fuel costs for the day without having to dip into your holiday money!

7.  Test Drive That Car You Wanted Before You Buy. Granted that most times when you book a hire car you are not sure of the vehicle type until you arrive at your destination. However, some suppliers – if you are prepared to pay that little extra – will let you choose your car when you book. What better way to get to know the handling of a car than to drive it around for a week or two?

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  1. Road trips make a fantastic option and it’s so easy to find great travel destinations only by a car.

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