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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You

Posted on March 12, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

What would we do without windows? They allow us to enjoy the beauty of a sunset without the annoying outdoor pests in the summer or watch a gentle snowfall without slipping and sliding on the sidewalk your husband forgot to shovel. Without windows a house would be a prison or a secret den of iniquity – which could be fun, but that’s another topic for another time. The point is, that when you need windows for either a new house or to replace your existing, worn out windows, you really should have a professional do the work. Here are seven reasons why a pro is a better choice for window installation.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


1.  Sure, Your Friend Can Save You Money, But… We all have ’em – the friend who says he can do the job for a lot less money, as long as you throw in some beer and wings. Unfortunately, the job isn’t likely to get done anywhere near on time or to your satisfaction. Just wait until the first heavy storm with lots of wind and you will be full of regrets, especially if your windows aren’t where they’re supposed to be anymore. The only exception here is if you happen to have a friend who professionally installs windows. Otherwise, no mater how well-intentioned, it is best to politely turn down an offer from a friend to install your windows.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


2.  Your Home Will Be More Attractive If You Sell It. There’s a reason why a professional is a professional. You are more likely to have a job done right the first time with a reputable pro. Now, let’s say you plan to sell your home soon. The only thing holding you back is that old couch on the back porch and those old windows. An expert is more likely to have the latest, most environmentally-friendly windows on the market. This makes your home more attractive for potential buyers. Anything a potential homeowner doesn’t have to add to their “to do” list is a selling point these days.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


3.  Save A Little Green On Your Energy Bill. Getting back to the environmentally-friendly thing for a minute. If you are not looking to sell your home anytime soon, a professional window installation still has advantages. A window installing pro is more likely to be aware of local rules and regulations. This means your new windows will be properly installed and your old windows will be properly disposed of – another plus if you’re looking to avoid a fine from your local municipality. Then there is the reason you can really appreciate. Properly installed windows can save you some money on your monthly electric or gas bill. Let’s face it, we can all use a little more green these days.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


4.  You Don’t Have All the Free Time In The World. You probably have a busy life, unless you are a Kardashian – in which case, you really wouldn’t be doing anything yourself. It’s ambitious to try to do the job yourself or get by with a little from your friends, but realistically this isn’t going to work. Let’s look at this more closely. You, your family and friends all have different schedules and it’s not very practical to spread a window replacement or installation project out over several weekends. A pro is paid to be there and get the job done, especially if they want paid.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


5.  Resist The ‘Do-it-yourself’ Urge. The do-it-yourself approach is not a good really a good idea either, no matter how much HGTV you watch. Even if you just happen to be a professional window installer, paying jobs come first. Now back to the other 99 percent of us who aren’t professional window installers. You are not likely to have the time to get the job done all that quickly, unless you work through the night – bet your neighbors will just love that. If you tackle the job yourself, you are likely to run into extra expenses and unexpected delays. Give in and let a pro do the job. If you really must do something yourself, put up the curtains when the windows are done.

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


6.  Avoid The ‘Oh, Did I Need That Too?’ Syndrome. When doing something yourself, you are likely to forget something. It’s just one of those mysterious facts of life – like getting a phone call just when you step in the shower. The pros are likely to have everything needed to complete the job. For windows, this includes some form of weather stripping, paint, covering to protect your floor and furniture and possibly material for a new frame. The experts are likely to have the extras you tend to forget, not to mention the right tools for the job. Do you really want to be on a first-name basis with the guy at the hardware store?

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Windows For You


7.  Your Insurance Company Likes Pros Better. Having a pro take care of your windows just might save you some dough when it comes time to renew your homeowners policy. Insurance companies, as a general rule, tend to frown on do-it-yourself jobs. A pro is more likely to use the correct materials and properly install your windows. This is likely to make your home more energy-efficient. In today’s green is good world, your insurance company is likely to be pleased. When it comes time to crunch the numbers for the value of your home, you just might be surprised to find that your home is worth a little bit more with windows that have been repaired or replaced by a pro. In a home market that’s worse than the last Adam Sandler movie, every little advantage helps.

Author Bio: George Dennis is president of King Shade and Window, a home improvement company that carries a range of custom, window roller shades.

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