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Guest Posts: 7 Reasons You Need To Re-tile Your Bathroom

Posted on March 8, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Is your bathroom starting to feel a little tired? Are you living with the odd cracked tile? Is your grout starting to look more yellow than white? Then perhaps it’s about time to re-tile your bathroom. OK, so budgets are a little tight right now, but a new looking bathroom could add thousands to the value of your home – so think of it as an investment. Still not convinced? Well maybe these awesome tiles will help you to make up your mind. Here are seven reasons why you should re-tile your bathroom today!

7 Reasons You Need To Re-tile Your Bathroom

Make Your Bathroom Fit For A Gladiator

1.  Top Glass. Next time you tile your bathroom – go glass! Glass tiles are all the rage and can be used as either a border to add a little colour to good old fashioned white tiles or even to tile your entire bathroom. As well as being available in a rainbow of colours, glass tiles also come in a range of shapes – from squares and rectangles through to diamonds and hexagons. As well as looking gorgeous glass tiles can also ensure you are doing your bit to save the planet as many, such as the ones supplied by Stardust Glass, are made from recycled glass, which may otherwise have ended up in landfill.

2.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. Love your own reflection? Then these beauties are just for you. With mirrored tiles you can do away with that little bathroom mirror as your bathroom becomes your mirror. As well as providing that all important ‘wow’ factor to your rest room mirror tiles do provide a practical use too as in small bathrooms they can be used to create the illusion of space. Granted mirror tiles aren’t to everyone’s taste and they certainly are not recommended for re-tiling your bathroom floor.

3.  The Really Wild Show. If you’re looking to express your wild side in the bathroom, then check out the Savana range from Italian tile makers Petracer’s. Inspired by the inhabitants of the Savannah these opulent designs feature tiles with leopard and zebra print alongside stunning replica crocodile skin which is available in a range of striking colours including chocolate brown, burnt orange and deep red. Re-tile your bathroom with these beauties and you’ll have Cavalli himself ringing to ask if he can come around for a bath.

4.  The Glitz Of Glitter. From Schiphol airport in Amsterdam to the Disney store, glitter tiles are used by some of the biggest names in the business to add a little sparkle to their buildings. You too can add some glitz and glamour to your bathroom by re-tiling using engineered quartz stone. Also known as glitter tiles these stunning sparklers are available in a wide range of colours, but be warned, when combined with some sexy down-lighting you’ll start needing to wear your shades to spend a penny.

5.  A Touch Of Travertine. If it was good enough for the Romans it’s good enough for your bathroom. Appreciated by many for its marble look, but without the marble price tag, travertine was used by the Romans as their material of choice for their elaborate bath complexes. You too can replicate the look of ancient Rome by cladding your bathroom from head to toe in this stunning natural stone from the walls down to the luxurious feel of travertine floor tiles underfoot. Add a couple of gladiators and a lion and you’ve got your very own Colosseum.

6.  Bubblicious. The Italians don’t just make sexy clothes and cars; they also make sexy bathroom tiles too. The latest must have tile of the moment is the bubble tile. Made by the Italian tile manufacturer EVIT these amazing creations are a must have for all those looking to make a real impact. These lovely bubblies are available in a wide range of colours but, whichever you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed. Just add a steaming hot tub and bubble-bath to complete the look.

7.  Televisual Tiling. Worried about missing the latest episode or your favourite soap whilst taking a bath? Scared of not seeing the winning goal whist taking a shower? Worry no more! Now, thanks to TileVision, you won’t miss a thing as you can tile a TV straight into your bathroom wall. These amazing pieces of tile tech include remote control, integrated waterproof LCD TV and are available in black, silver or even mirrored finish – which means even when the sets off you can still use it to squeeze those spots or wax those wayward eyebrows.

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