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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Rent Serviced Office Space

Posted on December 5, 2011 in Guest Posts | 3 comments

Has your business outgrown your current office space? Maybe there’s a really weird smell coming from the stock room, or maybe you just need a change of scenery. Whatever the problem, SOS > Search Office Space will find you the perfect office space solution. We were the first ever serviced office brokers in the UK, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

7 Reasons To Rent Serviced Office Space

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1.  Cost. Everyone needs to save money these days, especially if you are a start-up company looking to make your mark in the ‘small animal accessories’ sector, or whatever sector it maybe (I use that as an example, but be warned, there is BIG competition out there). By renting serviced office space, you will drastically reduce your overheads, as rental rates and office facilities are covered in your monthly fee.

2.  Flexibility. Let’s face it, with the recession still looming, and the business market looking rather daunting, companies may need to expand, contract, or fall off the face of the earth at a minutes notice. However, if you rent serviced office space, this is not a problem. Flexible contracts mean you can rent space from as little as one day! Ideal for freelancers who may need an ‘office’ to entertain a client and seal a deal.

3.  Administration Services. One of the benefits of renting serviced office space means that you have on-site staff to help you with whatever you need – Don’t take that too literally though, you don’t want a harassment case on your hands – but in terms of receptionists, phone answering and mail forwarding – serviced office environments have it all!

4.  Location. Everyone knows it’s all about location, location, location, and Search Office Space has got the lot! With over 7,000 locations on our continually growing database, we can help you find the right office space solution, no matter what your budget may be. Need an office in Frankfort? We’ve got one! And no I haven’t spelt the German city’s name wrong – Frankfort is in Kentucky, USA!

5.  Time. Sometimes time constraints mean that you need to move offices FAST. If this is the case, relax! Search Office Space will do all the work for you. We search for locations and organise viewings at a time that suites you. If you need to be within your new business centre by the end of the week, it’s not a problem for us. Our dedicated team of sales consultants will even work outside of office hours to ensure you move on the date you specify. Now that’s dedication!

6.  Reputation. Yes, you’re right, there are a lot of office space brokers out there, but can they all do this!?

*Exciting spectacle that you cannot see but is really, really amazing!!!*

But in all seriousness, Search Office Space has 19 years’ experience in the serviced office industry, which means we really know our stuff! Give us a call and test our knowledge, go on, we dare you!

7.  Impartiality. You may think that by using Search Office Space’s services you will receive biased advice and be forced to rent an office space owned by a tyrant of a landlord who paid off the brokers just to get the deal. Think again. Search Office Space offers FREE, impartial advice, so that you get the best office space for your needs. We receive commission from the operator – not you. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. True. Serviced office is a great way to cut your overheads, save your Time and get professional image for your business.

  2. what a great post!!! Will definitely contact you whenever will need to rent an office 🙂

  3. Having the option of Administration Services is definitely a good thing when renting a serviced office. This can help you out by saving you a lot of time by not having to hire people yourself. You can spend your time dealing with more important matters knowing that the administration side of things is being looked after.

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