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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Be A Vegetarian

Posted on December 1, 2011 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

With the 7 Reasons sofa still state side, it’s understandable that there is quite a queue next to it. First to jump into the guest post hot seat is Breanna Carter. Before we get to Breanna’s post, though, a warning. If you like your turkey it might be worth waiting until after Christmas before you read this.

7 Reasons To Be A Vegetarian

Ever since we chased down prey with rudimentary tools on the African savannah, the human race has always been a carnivorous one. Our medieval kings ate pheasant, our oil barons steak, and beef and poultry have increasingly become staples of consumption in the Western world. But recent decades has also seen the rise of vegetarianism, and more people now eschew meat than ever before. Most of these people are driven by either health or humanitarian concerns. While these reasons are arguably the strongest argument for vegetarianism, there are other supporting points as well. Here, then, are the seven main reasons for being a vegetarian:

1.  Healthier. To be sure, health is a key reason for dropping meat from your diet. Diets high in meat, after all, are almost invariably high in fat as well. There are many ways of getting the protein provided by meat without the unneeded fat, meaning that there’s really no health downside to being a vegetarian. Furthermore, most unhealthy fast food products include meat; being a vegetarian provides a good impetus to stop eating at such establishments.

2.  Less Chance of Disease. Undercooked and diseased meat results in thousands of sicknesses and recalls each year. While unwashed vegetables may occasionally contain bacteria and cause food poisoning, your chance of getting serious ill from your food – although low – is much higher when it comes to meat.

3.  More Humane. This one goes without saying, but a diet that doesn’t include meat also doesn’t include any animal that was killed for your consumption. This has become even more significant in recent years, as stories have repeatedly emerged detailing cruel practices at slaughterhouses. You don’t need to be a die-hard animal lover to sympathize with a cow who faces a painful death.

4.  Cheaper. Meat products are almost always some of the most expensive items being sold at a given grocery store. One pound of rice or beans – compared with one pound of meat – is far less expensive and far more nutritious. Consequently, your grocery budget would stand to drop noticeably if you made the switch to vegetarianism.

5.  More Eco-Friendly. As you’ve probably heard, it takes up much more land and many more resources to raise a group of cows than to grow a field of produce. With the world population skyrocketing, arable land becoming more scare, and food prices on the rise, a sustained move to vegetarianism would vastly reduce the resources we consume on a global level.

6.  Confers Status. In some circles, vegetarians are not well-regarded and could probably use some reputation management assistance. In others, however, those who forgo meat are respected and admired. If you travel in the latter type of circle, your switch to vegetarianism could thus have an added social benefit.

7.  Better for Your Bowels. Even though humans have been carnivores since our earliest days, our bodies are much better equipped to process plant and grain products than animal ones. If you suffer from bowel issues, then, becoming a vegetarian could vastly improve your day-to-day level of comfort.

So there you have it: seven reasons to be a vegetarian. Although meat can be tasty and high in protein, it ultimately just cannot compete.

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