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Guest Post: 7 Reasons To Recycle Your Old CDs

Posted on October 9, 2011 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Accessing music via your computer is now faster, easier and often cheaper than going to the shops and buying good old fashioned CDs. MP3 players and mobile-phones have combined to make your CD collection utterly redundant. But instead of chucking them, why not do a bit of recycling instead? Yes, that’s right. Recycle your CDs. Here are seven reasons why you should consider doing just that.

7 Reasons To Recycle Your Old CDs

Why you gotta recycle that compact disc? Because we want to! Because we want to!

1.  Because You Can. When you bought that copy of Definitely Maybe back in ’94, the guy in the record shop probably didn’t tell you it was recyclable. But he should have done. Because it is. Almost 100% recyclable in fact. Probably slightly less if it’s something by Westlife, but recyclable none the less.

2.  Logic. When you’ve finished your bottle of wine, do you stack it in the corner of the lounge with all the others? No, of course you don’t. When are you ever going to use forty-two empty bottles? Instead you pop them in the boot of the car and take them to the recycle bank. CDs are exactly the same. Are you actually going to listen to your collection of Now That’s What I Call Music CDs? You know, that collection you started when you thought it would be fun to try and buy every single version that came out – only you gave up in 1996 when they became tribute albums to Status Quo. Get rid of them. But, don’t trash that trash, do something useful and recycle.

3.  Spread The Music. Assuming you’re not one of those emo-kids – and you don’t look like one – the chances are you won’t have scratched the back of your CDs in a moment of wallowing self pity. As a result they can be used again. By someone else. So give other people the chance to hear some great music. As strange as it may sound, someone, somewhere would just love to get their hands on your Showaddywaddy.

4.  Damage Limitation. But what, I hear you ask, do I do if I am into that ‘scratching-CDs-with-a-blunt-compasses’ lark. Do not fear. Most CDs have scuffs or scratches that can be repaired, so you should be fine. If you’ve snapped them in half though and tried to repair them with a bit of tape, it’s probably a no go. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes there can be too much Phil Collins in the world.

5.  The Flying Lizards. What better reason to recycle than to make yourself some money. The Flying Lizards didn’t sing about it, but online CD recycling sites such as Music Magpie allow you to trade in your unwanted CDs and get some money in return. With the extra cash in your pocket, you can always invest in some new music. If you’re really clever you could buy a CD, listen to it and then sell it. And then the process starts all over again.

6.  Mr Nice Guy. Of course, you could show you have a caring side. Recycling your old CDs can benefit some great causes. Rather than simply pocketing the money you raise from recycling, you can send it straight to any number of very needy charity organisations. Which would be far more helpful to them than taking your Billie Piper CD to the local charity shop.

7.  Piles. Of course, the main reason we should all recycle our unwanted CDs is the environment. Sadly, over 2,500 tonnes of CDs are thrown away each year, needlessly filling up waste landfills around the world. Quite frankly this country is in enough of a mess already. We don’t need piles of Cliff Richard adding to it.

So, don’t waste another minute staring at that redundant CD rack. Sites in the UK and sites abroad like Music Magpie Germany will allow you to recycle your old CDs in return for some extra cash in your pocket to spend on that new download you’ve been previewing or perhaps in helping a local charity.

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