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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why Cruising Is Better Than Flying

Posted on September 25, 2011 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Had the Steve Martin/John Candy film been called Trains, Planes, Boats and Automobiles, you get the feeling that it would have been a whole lot better. Oscar winning probably. I mean boats are awesome. Especially cruise liners. They’re like floating cities. Far better than the hovering villages you get in the sky. Yep, cruising is definitely better than flying. And here’s Natasha to tell you why.

7 Reasons Cruising Is Better Than Flying

Cruises are vacation domains of choice. When you decide to cruise through your holiday, you really mean it. No rush, long lines, cramped seating or foot-in-mouth leg accommodations. To fully appreciate the benefits of a cruise, seven areas of consideration on whether to fly or to cruise on are listed below.

1.  Nuts. Your vacation begins with transportation costs in getting to the airport. Final flight fares have many added fees that make the price very expensive, and that’s before your vacation begins. Fees are added by governments for security, by airports and airlines for baggage handling, food, seating preference, paper boarding passes, etc, etc, and so forth. Some airlines may provide you with salty snacks, like pretzels, chips or nuts, but don’t be fooled. It’s a ploy to make you thirsty enough to pay an outrageous $5 for a 12 oz can of soda.

A cruise program is a complete package that starts when you arrive on board; no added handling fees by cruise lines or port authorities for you coming to the ship, especially since the ship cannot come to you.

2.  Luggage. The amount of luggage and what you can pack in the bags that you take on an aircraft has become very restricted. Some airlines do not even permit one free bag. Everything either must fit into a small sandwich size plastic bag for carry-on or go into stored baggage.

On a cruise ship you can bring as many suitcases as you want. The only restriction would be to their ability to all fit in your cabin.

3.  Legs. Airlines have become creative in how they re-configure the seating arrangements in order to put in more rows of seats. This translates into lose of leg room and cramped seating for you, especially if you are the one stuffed into the middle seat. So, this is not how you planned to spend the start of your holiday? I agree with you…this is a very uncomfortable beginning.

Cramped situations do not exist on cruise ships, neither in your cabin, on deck, or in any of the facilities. In fact, most areas are as large as, or larger, than on-land locations.

4.  Unpack, Pack And Repeat. When your flight is complete, and you have collected your bags, you must travel to and register at a hotel. You hope that they have not lost your registration, even though you have a confirmation letter. You get your luggage into your room and unpack. You know that you are going to visit several different locations and this is just the first of numerous unpacking and packing exercises that you will be going through. Light, wrinkle-free clothing was your only choice for moving around. Now you have the hotel costs and restaurant costs to add to funds you have already spent on airfare.

The beauty of a cruise package is that it is all inclusive of your room, meals, and elected entertainment programs. You do not have to do the wallet-reach move when you arrive on board or whenever you get hungry; a cruise is a no guilt and no added food fees experience.

5.  Wrong Side Of The Road. You have paid the costs of flying to a vacation location, checked into a hotel, had a meal or two, and now you want to tour the surrounding area. You tried to sign up for a guided tour only to find out they either leave several hours before your vacation mornings start or they rush you through the area with hardly a stop to take pictures or buy a souvenir. This is too hasty for your taste. There is nothing left to do but rent a vehicle and learn to navigate the roads and road signs of another country. You did get a temporary international driver’s license, right?

On a cruise ship it is guaranteed that rental cars will not be a problem as none are needed. If someone does need mobile assistance, personal motor carts and wheelchairs are available. At port stops the cruise lines arrange for tours that again eliminate rental needs. If you do chose to go ashore for personal touring please watch the time so you are back in time to sail. The Captain does not want to leave anyone behind, but the ship has no such emotions. Being left behind would be an added adventure and cost when you need to arrange another way to meet your ship at the next port of call.

6.  Tighten Those Purse Strings. After flying to a holiday location, staying at several hotels, purchasing your own meals and arranging your own transportation, you may have to include another cost for entertainment, like going to a theatre, museum, or night club. The wallet-reach move never ends.

Cruise ships have dancing, bingo, comedy, and Vegas style entertainment that does not add any cost to your fun.

7.  Move It, Move it. Flight attendants prefer that you stay in your seat. Aisle space is limited and does not encourage socializing.

The crew of a ship will do all they can to get you up and out of a seat to take advantage of all the activities. A cruise is a perfect place to meet and make new friends or to get to know better the people you came with.

With flying, everything is another cost, another detail and another worry that something could go wrong. Sea cruises are beautiful, stress free, wallet friendly experience that you will want to enjoy time and again.

This article was written by Natasha Tasha, on behalf of Flight Centre, Australia, offering great selection of cheap international flights to destinations world wide.

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