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7 Reasons To Go Out Into The Wind

Posted on September 12, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

If you’re in Britain at all which, in 7 Reasons terms, is statistically likely, you can’t have failed to notice that it’s extraordinarily, astonishingly, epically windy outside at the moment.  But the wind isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, going out into the wind could well be the best thing for you.  Here are seven reasons why.

a cartoon drawing of wind

I shall probably have nightmares featuring this image.

1.  You’ll Have More Time.  Have you any idea how much of your life is spent drying your hair?  Absolutely loads.  You’d probably find it amounts to years, if you were to spend even more time adding it all up.  But you can save all that time.  If you go outside into the wind, you’ll have drier hair.  You hair will not only dry quickly, but it’s so windy out there that it will possibly remain dry forever.  It’ll be drier than a salty desert; drier than a dry martini that has evaporated in the sun; drier than a Mormon in a towel; drier than fire (though hopefully not the same colour).  If you go outside right now, you’ll never, ever need to dry your hair again.  That’s like being given the gift of time.

2.  You’ll Be More Beautiful.  Competing cosmetics brands spend billions of pounds, dollars, euros, ringgits, zlotys and yen trying to convince us their product is the best for us.  One of the things that they all agree on though, is that exfoliating is the key to naturally beautiful skin.  If you go out into the wind right now, you’ll find that exfoliation is free.  You’ll find that the wind is so strong that layers of dead skin are blown clean away from your face, leaving you both ruddy and beautiful.  You’ll be ruddy beautiful.  You might find that so many layers of skin are blown away that you’re left with your original baby-skin which, as we all know, is the softest, most lovely thing in the world outside of a gin distillery.  And it’s free.

3.  You’ll Be Sexier.  What’s the universally acknowledged sexiest moment in film?  No, it’s not the scene where Meg Ryan gets excited about sandwiches (unless you’re a weirdo, a pervert or are very hungry), it’s the scene from the  The Seven Year Itch where, gently wafted by a breeze emanating from a subway grate, Marilyn Monroe’s dress billows upward revealing something hitherto unimagined by unsuspecting filmgoers.  Women have legs!  This is the universally acknowledged most sensual moment in the history of cinema.  Similarly, if you go out into the wind in a dress you’ll find that it will billow, ripple and balloon too.  The wind’s so strong at the moment that it’ll probably blow clean over your head.  Just by doing the maths you can tell that an incident that reveals that much more flesh and structural garments will make you many times sexier than Marilyn Monroe in the sexiest cinema moment ever.  You’ll be the sexiest woman in the world, even if you’re a man.  If you want to be sexy, you need the wind.

4.  You’ll Be Healthier.  What’s the key to health?  Exercise.  Want exercise?  Go outside right now.  I went out into the garden earlier and soon found myself vaulting over a wall and giving chase to a garden ornament belonging to my son that had been suddenly taken by the wind and was skittering down the street.  After a sprinting for many, many yards past several startled neighbours and a wild-eyed dog I caught up with it and trapped it with my foot.  As I returned to my garden with the turquoise windmill spinning wildly in my hand I knew I was fitter for the unexpected exercise.  I looked like an idiot, but you can’t have everything.

5.  You’ll Be Wealthier.  There are untold riches just waiting for you out there in the wind.  Want to profit from this literal windfall?  Here’s how:  Firstly, go out into your garden and make sure that everything you own outside in the wind is secure.  Secondly, go inside and wait.  When the wind stops blowing, you’ll find that you have all sorts of new treasure.  You’ll have bags, you’ll have paper stuff, you’ll have new plants, you’ll probably have a dress and a turquoise windmill.  You’ll have booty!  Absolutely anything could turn up.  It’s like a free lucky dip or a meteorological tombola.  A windswept sweepstake.  A gale lottery.  Weather bingo!

6.  You’ll Be Wiser.  Remember the Aesop fable about the sun and the wind having a bet to see if they could make a man remove his cloak and the wind failing abjectly at this task?  No?  Go outside with a cloak on then and see if you want to take it off.  That’s practical learning.  Plus you might be able to use it to fly.

7.  You’ll Feel Better.  What do Scandinavian types do to cheer themselves up when their favourite elk dies or they find that their new wardrobe has one bolt missing and the instructions have apparently been translated into gibberish?  They get into the sauna and beat themselves with twigs and leaves.  No one knows why they do this*, but they claim that it makes them feel good.  So imagine how great you’ll feel when you go outside and stand next to a tree.  At the moment, you’ll be beaten black and blue by all manner of twigs and leaves swirling round in the air at improbable speeds.  You’ll be battered into happiness, buffeted into joy, knocked about into light-heartedness and marmalised into merriment.  You’ll feel better than you ever have in your life.  Go outside right now, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!  Oh, and can you pick up something for my dinner while you’re out there?  I’m staying in.

*Okay, someone probably does.





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