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7 Reasons That I Hate The Mayor Of Vilnius

Posted on August 5, 2011 in Top Posts | 0 comments

Unless you have been on the moon for the past few days (and perhaps even if you have) you will have seen this video of the mayor of Vilnius keeping the cycle lanes clear in his city by crushing illegally parked vehicles with a tank. This video has been everywhere.  And it’s annoyed me.  A lot.  Here are 7 Reasons that I hate the mayor of Vilnius.

1.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Is A Liar.  The message in the video is that if you park in the cycle lane, the mayor of Vilnius will crush your car with a tank.  But he doesn’t have a tank.  Look at it.  Look at it!  It’s got wheels and there’s a distinctive lack of a huge gun at the front to shoot things with, tracks and other tank-y accoutrements that are the universally acknowledged signifiers that the vehicle is a tank.  That means that it’s not a tank. What it is, is an armoured personnel carrier.  What it is not, is a tank.  The mayor of Vilnius is fibbing.

2.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Is In The Least Convincing Video Ever.  I have seen theatre sets that look less staged than this video.  I have seen ham actors less hammy than the acting in this video.  In fact, I’ve seen entire pig farms less hammy than the acting this video.  The man that gets “his” car crushed is the single worst actor that I have ever seen, and I’ve seen Piers Brosnan.  The video wouldn’t be less believable if it was narrated by Jeffrey Archer.  No it would.  But still, it’s not a convincing video.

3.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Hates The Poor.  During the video, there are three examples of illegal parking.  In the first two, a Rolls-Royce and a Ferrari are illegally parked and are not run over by the mayor of Vilnius in an armoured personnel carrier.  A third illegally parked car (a knackered old Mercedes worth almost nothing) is run over by the mayor of Vilnius in an armoured personnel carrier.  What sort of message does this send?  Poor people of Vilnius: The mayor of Vilnius is after your cars.  Run (drive?) for your lives, he’s got a grudge against the impoverished and an armoured personnel carrier and he’s not afraid to use it!  The message it sends out to the wealthy is somewhat different though.  Rich people of Vilnius: Feel free to park wherever you like.  Sit back, relax, and eat a diamond or two while you enjoy the spectacle of a man menacing the poor with a “tank”.  This is not a nice message to send out.

4.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Is The Wrong Man For The Job.  People like to have sensible, solid, reliable citizens as their mayors.  Qualities that they don’t like in a mayor are publicity-hunger and buffoonery.  The evidence for that is clear:  The population of the world is 7 billion people and the population of London is 7.7 million people.  This means that by far the vast majority of the planet’s population choose to live in the world, which is outside London.  If they wanted a buffoon for a mayor, they’d live in London where, incidentally, everything within in the cycle lane is mown down by taxis.  The people have spoken and we don’t want buffoons.

5.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Is Missing The Point.  Why does it even matter if people are parking in the cycle lanes there?  Judging by the film, it would appear that Vilnius is the world’s emptiest city.  The mayor of Vilnius seems to be some sort of latter day Omega Man cruising the deserted streets in his armoured personnel carrier desperately searching for signs of life.  The only person using the cycle lanes in Vilnius is the mayor of Vilnius.  Why not use the empty road?  No one will ever know.

6.  The Mayor Of Vilnius Isn’t Even A Proper Mayor.  He’s obviously the mayor by default because he’s the only citizen of Vilnius.  Look what happens after he crushes the Mercedes:  He has to stop and clean up the glass.  He’s the parking enforcement officer, the military, the mayor and the street cleaner all rolled into one.  If the mayor of Vilnius became embroiled in a corruption scandal – a quite common occurrence in local government – he’d end up having to arrest himself, but that would be okay, because he’d be able to pay himself a bribe and get the whole thing swept under the carpet.  Then he’d be free to win the next mayoral election by a margin of one.  Again.  Doesn’t the man have any ambition?  Why doesn’t he enact a constitutional monarchy and appoint himself King of Vilnius?  Emperor?  God of Vilnius!  If you’re self-appointed, think big!

7.  It All Boils Down To Envy.  It looks like fun.  I want a go.

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