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Win A Prize!

Posted on July 10, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed 7 Reasons readers, people of the internet, lovers of SPAM; we have an exciting prize to offer one lucky person.

You may remember a reference from a 7 Reasons post earlier in the week to the giving of the gift of a tin of SPAM.  Well, that didn’t go too well.  Consequently, we’re now in the position to offer you, the reader, that very self-same tin of SPAM, though now with a slight dent on it.

The Prize (pen, notebook and table not included)

Sadly though, we haven’t had much time to devise a competition – and one of the team also has something of a headache – but we’ve realised something: That 7 Reasons readers are probably creative and resourceful people too.  Accordingly, we’re setting you a challenge.

To win this tin of SPAM, which will be dispatched direct from Yorkshire, simply come up with a competition to win a tin of SPAM and send your entry to [email protected].  We’ll judge the entries and the winner will be the person that that has devised – in our opinion – the best competition.  You’ve got full licence to be as innovative and creative as you like (in fact, we positively encourage it).  Feel free to send illustrations too, if you feel they will enhance your presentation.  We’ll announce the lucky winner next Sunday.  We might even use the winning competition in the future.

So get your thinking caps on as fame, fortune and a tin of SPAM await you.  Oh, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  See you tomorrow.

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