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7 Reasons We Don’t Want To Go To The Tower

Posted on July 1, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

Loyal readers, the 7 Reasons team have an announcement to make.  It looks as if we’ll be going away for a while.  We don’t want to, but a combination of circumstances means that we might not have any say in the matter.  Allow us to explain.

A long, long time ago, though in this galaxy – indeed, on this very website – we published a piece entitled 7 Reasons That Looking Like A Horse Shouldn’t Be A Barrier To Success.  In it, we looked at how seven celebrities had overcome their rather equine looks to make a success of their lives, and one of the people we featured was Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal.   The piece proved popular, so popular in fact, that it now ranks rather highly on Google.  As a consequence, if you go to Google and type in “Princess Anne looks like a horse” we’re the first thing that comes up for that search.  We discovered this the other day and tweeted about it.  We then forgot about it and got on with our lives.  A day later though, we received this tweet from Princess Anne:

The Princess Royal on Twitter

This was rather a rather unexpected development and also a rather unwelcome one.  We’d rather not go to the tower, thank you, and here are (because it’s us and this is what we do) seven reasons why.  Ma’am.

7 Reasons We Don't Want To Go To The Tower

1.  Familiarity. It breeds contempt. Now, this may come as something of a surprise to you, but we don’t hang around together very much. At all. In fact you can count the number of times the team have gone to the pub together on one hand. Captain Hook’s hand. And it’s probably this that has helped 7 Reasons run for as long as it has. Apart from that phase when Jon kept uploading jpegs instead of gifs and the time when Marc thought it would be a great idea to do Blowers’ t-shirts and then went away for the weekend, we have got on pretty well. The last thing we want to do therefore is end up in the same small, dank, dark, locked room with each other. We will drive each other mad.

2.  Pigeons. We both have connections. We both have people who could break us out of the tower. However, given that it is unlikely that we will have access to Twitter in the Tower, we’ll need to employ a different method of communication to contact the Mongolian Navy. Being high up in a tower lends itself favourably to one method. The carrier pigeon. Only there are no carrier pigeons around the Tower. They are all far too scared of the ravens. And who has ever heard of a carrier raven? Exactly. We’re doomed.

3.  Tourists. The Tower is open to the public, which means we are going to be on show to thousands and thousands of Japanese, American and German tourists every week. Not to mention all the Australians who make the trip over from Shepherds Bush. We are going to be publicly humiliated. It won’t be long before one of us snaps and shoves a long lens somewhere where the exposure don’t shine.

4.  We Have A Viable Compromise.  Princess Anne was probably a fine filly in her day, but that day was Thursday June 4th, 1969.  She also wants to lock us in a tower.  But that’s almost exactly the opposite thing to what we want to happen and we won’t go willingly.  Our ambition has long been to be handed the keys to Pippa Middleton’s dungeon*, so we’re prepared to offer a compromise.  Send us somewhere halfway between a tower and a dungeon, do something that’s halfway between handing us keys and locking us up and have it done by someone who’s neither royal nor common.  So that’s the 7 Reasons team not locked up on the ground floor by Jennifer Aniston.  That’s the sort of punishment we can take.

5.  Republicanism.  Prepare yourself for a shock, but it might surprise you to learn that half of the 7 Reasons team is (gasp) a republican that just doesn’t believe in monarchy.  He also doesn’t believe in god, ghosts, fairies, goblins or leprechauns.  But being in the Tower of London might have a profound effect on this.  After all, if he were to see evidence of god, ghosts, fairies, goblins or leprechauns he’d be forced to believe in them.  Not that he’s likely to see them in the tower, but he would be considerably more likely to see a monarch.  He almost saw one as a child, but fortunately our queen is so tiny that all he saw was Prince Philip speeding past in the back of a Rolls Royce seated next to a large blue hat.  You can’t play fast and loose with people’s belief systems, it’s inhuman.

6.  Ravens.  It’s not just the carrier pigeons and the Mongolian Navy that are afraid of the ravens.  It’s us.  Have you seen the things?  They’re enormous wing-ed creatures with piercing eyes, razor-sharp beaks and plumage as dark and shiny as crude oil in a mirror.  Plus they’ve got talons!  And it’s not just out of fear that we don’t want to be near them.  Being locked in a tower with someone who insists on bickering that it’s a crow, a jackdaw or a rook every time you spot a raven during your afternoon game of i-spy is a sure recipe for disaster.  It would only be a matter of time until the answer to “I spy with my little eye something beginning with C”, would be “corpse”.  Or cadaver.

7.  It Wasn’t Us.  When Jon sees a beefeater, his thoughts turn to steak restaurants.  When Marc sees a beefeater, his mind turns to gin.  What sort of monster would put these two – for the most part, harmless – men in an environment where they would be cruelly deprived of both of these things, yet constantly reminded of them?  To quote Alexander Pope: “Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?”  To quote Oliver Cromwell****: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”  Because Princess Anne is mistaken.  After all, it was Google that made us number one for “Princess Anne looks like a horse”, not us.  She needs to lock Google in the Tower.  Or perhaps the internet.  Just anyone but us.  Please.


7 Reasons may or may not return tomorrow.


*Fiancés of the 7 Reasons team: Marc wrote this**.

**Wives of the 7 Reasons team: Jon wrote this***.

***7 Reasons team: That will definitely work, well played.

****Perhaps unwisely.




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