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Russian Roulette Sunday: Competition Time

Posted on June 12, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Russian Roulette Sunday: Competition TimeThis isn’t the first time we have tried our hand at 7 Reasons competitions. We are sure you remember with great fondness our ‘Be the 8th Reasoner’ and ‘Pimp Our Sofa’ contests. Today sees us continue that great tradition. Only this time there is more at stake than just pride. Fresh from the Emporium, we have three sets of Propaganda Postcards to give away. To stand a chance of winning, just answer the questions below – ideally with the correct answers. Then send your entries to [email protected] with ‘Competitions’ as the subject. The closing date is 11:59:59pm on Tuesday, 14th June 2011. Good luck!

*HINT* All the answers will be found on this website. Do not rely on wikipedia.

1) When the 7 Reasons team successfully invades France, what do we plan to replace the Eiffel Tower with?

2) What colour should you paint your front door?

3) Which date should be known as the day of the sausage?

4) At what time should you not carry out bicycle maintenance?

5) What vehicle should you not drive up the M4?

6) How many sailors make up the 7 Reasons sponsored Mongolian Navy?

7) What type of dancer are at least 50% of the 7 Reasons team afraid of?

*Winners will be chosen at random from those who answer all questions correctly. No cash alternative. No t-shirt alternative. Sorry.

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