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7 Reasons That Kim Jong Il Is The Ideal Pet

Posted on June 2, 2011 in Posts | 1 comment

Hello dear reader!  At 7 Reasons, we’re not afraid to admit when we’re wrong and today, we do just that.  Once, we were of the opinion that the Komodo dragon was the ideal pet but, though that would be amazing, we’ve realised that there is a superior one.  It’s Kim Jong Il.  Here’s why.

1.  Kim Jong Il Comes In Many Colours.  Whatever your interior colour scheme; whatever hue and shade your decor, there’s a Kim Jong Il to blend in perfectly with it.  Even if it’s beige.

2.  Kim Jong Il Is Independent.  Don’t want a needy pet that requires you to take it out for walks or let it in and out five times per hour?  Kim Jong Il is ideal: He comes with his own man-flap.

3.  Kim Jong Il Annoys The Neighbours.  All the best pets annoy the neighbours, whether it’s next-door’s dog barking at all hours, next-door’s cat pooing in your flower bed or next door’s snake being a snake in close proximity to you.  Kim Jong Il does this too.

4.  Kim Jong Il Is Loved By Women.  That’s important in a pet.  After all, they’re usually the ones that end up looking after them once the children grow tired of the responsibility.  Surely there isn’t a woman alive that wouldn’t jump at the chance to care for Kim Jong Il.

5.  Kim Jong Il Is Good With Children.  This is an important consideration when choosing a pet.  You need a pet that can help teach them social skills and engender a sense of playfulness in them.  That pet is Kim Jong Il.

6. Kim Jong Il Makes Everyone Happy.  Everyone loves the warm, fuzzy joy of pet-ownership (it’s one of the reasons we have them).  They bring delight and wonder into our lives and spread happiness and warmth wherever they go.  So does Kim Jong Il.

7.  Kim Jong Il Is Easy To Feed.  While other pets have special dietary requirements and often need to be fed expensive and exotic foodstuffs, Kim Jong Il prefers a simple diet of radishes.*

So there you go.  Kim Jong Il is the ideal pet.  The only drawback is that you might occasionally have to see this.

Seems a small price to pay.  So let’s all go out and get a Kim Jong Il.  Is a home really a home without one?


*Or sometimes fresh lobsters that he has airlifted to his train whenever he’s away travelling.

**For fans of looking at Kim Jong Il looking at things, this is the place to go.


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1 Comment

  1. That’s all very well but they’re very hard to come by and when you do finally get one they completely dominate your life, eat all your food so you end up living on the few grains of rice they drop and build a huge military arsenal which they use to threaten next-door’s pets.

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