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7 Reasons That The UK Should Ban Carlsberg

Posted on May 25, 2011 in Top Posts | 0 comments

1.  Retaliation.  Relations between the UK and Denmark have long been difficult.   From the eighth to the eleventh centuries they invaded us; in the nineteenth century we confiscated their navy, and in the twenty-first century they sent Nicklas Bendtner to lumber around our football fields and sulk like a moon-faced twelve year old girl.  A giant moon-faced twelve year old girl.  Now, however, they’ve gone too far.  They’ve banned that quintessentially British spreadable yeast extract, Marmite from their country.  The time to act is now and we need to ban something in return.  We can’t ban bacon, because half of the 7 Reasons team will cry and we can’t ban Lego for exactly the same reason.  The only thing left is Carlsberg.

2.  Strength. The standard Carlsberg is an okay and quite drinkable lager (for a mass-manufactured one).  Sadly, however, we don’t get that in the UK.  We get an insipid watery thing brewed specially for us.  It’s horrible and pointless.  If you wanted to get drunk, you’d have to consume so much of it that your bladder would swell to the size of a small hatchback before you felt the teeniest bit light-headed.  And that’s the moment that your small hatchback would probably be involved in an accident.  With a boat.

3.  Taste.  The flavour of the UK Carlsberg lager is…well…in there somewhere.  You can definitely tell that you’re drinking something that was once in the same country as some malt and some hops.  Briefly.  But going on an epic search to find the flavour in the beverage that you’re drinking is frustrating and pointless.  And we already have a drink like it in the UK, it’s called water.  It’s cheaper (unless you’re a family with a meter) and you don’t have to go out and buy it, it’s already there in your own home; in the taps.  And it might already have been drunk by a celebrity like Elton John or Ryan Giggs, so it carries a greater celebrity cachet.

4.  It Comes In A Green Tin.  And I don’t like green tins.  I just don’t.  Never have, never will.  I’m perfectly within my rights to dislike green tins and it’s not at all irrational.  After all, we live in a country where it’s considered perfectly normal behaviour to dislike otherwise perfectly good people because of what vehicle they choose to commute in/on, what football team they support and the brand of shoe they choose to wear.  So my hatred of green tins is far more rational than the cultural norm.  Let’s get rid of the little green tins.

5.  Because It’s Bad For You.  Marmite was banned from Denmark because it contains additives:  It’s unnaturally potent.  But are the parks and playgrounds and municipal seating areas of Copenhagen littered with – often apparently lifeless – ruddy-faced and dishevelled men clutching half full* jars of Marmite in their limp, grimy hands?  No.  Those men are over in the UK, clutching cans of Carlsberg Special Brew**.     Because that too is unnaturally potent and unlike Marmite, which is good for you, it seems to be quite detrimental to the health.

6.  Because They Keep The Good Stuff To Themselves.  For Carlsberg make an amazing beer: a strong, rich, malty lager-beer with brilliant sharp hoppy notes.  It’s called Elephant – named after one of the gates to their Copenhagen brewery – and can I get hold of it in the UK?  Can I buggery.  It would be easier to get hold of an actual elephant, and possibly more fun too.  I could keep it in the garden and train it to stand on my next-door-neighbour’s car.  If we banned Carlsberg, my frustrating and usually fruitless search for Elephant would come to an end.

7.  Because Of The Adverts.  Carlsberg’s advertising is brilliant. It’s high-budget, has consistently great production values and is usually very, very memorable.   But if we have to suffer every last epically dull and unoriginal bore mindlessly parroting, “Carlsberg don’t do *****(those asterisks are to suggest blankness, we’re not subject to a superinjunction)…but if they did….”, every time they see something they’re enthused by, because they believe it passes for original wit, that’s too high a price to pay for it.  Let’s ban Carlsberg: We’d get revenge, lose crap beer, drink more water, rid ourselves of green tins, have healthier tramps and I’d be able to ride an elephant to the pub, where I wouldn’t be tempted to punch a dullard.  You know it makes sense.  Sort of.


*Or half empty, you decide.

**As manufactured by Chaka Khan.


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