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Russian Roulette Sunday: In Conversation With Jonathan Lee

Posted on May 22, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 2 comments

In an interview that is still being talked about fondly in at least one corridor in Nottingham University’s halls of residence, the co-founder of 7 Reasons, Marc Fearns, was interviewed by another co-founder of 7 Reasons, Jonathan Lee. If you missed it you still have time to check it out. It won’t be coming down until yesterday at 6pm when the world ended. This link will take you there. Do come back though because this week the tables have been turned. Or at least the sofa has. Or at least it was going to turn. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Marc can’t be here. Being the creative chap Jon is though, he has decided to press ahead with the interview. So, here is Jonathan Lee in conversation with himself.

Russian Roulette Sunday: In Conversation With Jonathan LeeJL: Thanks for coming Jon.

JL: No problem.

JL: I like what you’re wearing.

JL: Ah, thanks. Claire doesn’t wear it much these days so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

JL: You can pull it off.

JL: I can, but not right now. We have an interview to do.

JL: Yes, sorry. So, 7 Reasons, how much longer are you going to keep doing it for?

JL: Who knows. At present working for myself means I can take time out to think of and write posts as well as all the other admin that goes into making it a ‘success’. That’s not going to last forever though. At some stage in the near future I expect to be working for someone else again and that means time for 7 Reasons will be heavily reduced.

JL: So 7 Reasons might come to an end soon?

JL: I didn’t say that.

JL: It’s what you intimated.

JL: It’s always a possibility and Marc and I both know this can’t last forever.

JL: So, this time next year, will 7 Reasons be around?

JL: It’ll be around, in what form I don’t know. You’ll see a slow down in the number of 7 Reasons posts we churn out before we say goodbye permanently. I would be surprised if we are posting every single day this time next year. But I thought that last year too. We’ll be two years old in a few months and writing every single day in the same format for two years is hard work.

JL: Are you tired then?

JL: Very.

JL: Is there anything you want to achieve with 7 Reasons before you shut the door on it?

JL: We’re working on a couple of things outside of the 7 Reason website. I’d be surprised if we don’t make at least one of those happen. Certainly from my point of view I would like the 7 Reasons concept to be able to exist without the website.

JL: So are we talking about an Edinburgh Fringe show?

JL: Maybe.

JL: When you look back, what one moment stands out for you?

JL: England winning the Ashes in Australia, just fractionally ahead of winning the Rugby World Cup.

JL: I really meant within or because of 7 Reasons.

JL: Oh. I don’t have one. When people say they’ve enjoyed reading a post that’s very gratifying, unless it’s a Marc Fearns post in which case it’s a bit sickening to watch to be honest.

JL: Is there a rivalry between you?

JL: I’m not sure. I think we drive each other to try and be better writers, but there is no jealousy if the other’s post is picked up by Umbro or The Guardian or whoever. We know that 7 Reasons is the sum of its parts and it simply wouldn’t work if one of us wasn’t there.

JL: That’s nice.

JL: Next question.

JL: What’s the worst post you’ve ever written?

JL: Anything that attempted to drive audience participation. Whether there was our quest to find the ‘8th Reasoner’ or our challenge for readers to ‘Pimp Our Sofa’. I completely misjudged just how lazy our audience was. And the ideas were rubbish. We had entries – some good ones – but ultimately they didn’t inspire the majority.

JL: And the best?

JL: Probably the posts that I have ghost written for other people.

JL: You do that?!

JL: For a fee.

JL: How much did SirStraussy pay you?

JL: He wrote that himself.

JL: And finally, you’re getting married next year. Is there going to be a 7 Reasons theme?

JL: No chance.

JL: Why not?

JL: You’ll have to read this forthcoming Tuesday’s post to find that out.

JL: Thanks for talking to us. I had fun.

JL: I’m glad one of us did.

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  1. you are officially a loon :O)

  2. What position do you hold that allows you to ‘officially’ name me a loon?

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