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It’s That SPAM Again

Posted on May 8, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 1 comment

7 Reasons To Borrow One Of The 7 Reasons Team

It’s Sunday today, so we’ve taken our traditional day away from the reasoning-mine and, as they are often wont to do, our thoughts have turned to food. Now, some time back we brought you what we considered to be the ultimate SPAM recipe – Planked SPAM – but now we’ve unearthed something that has easily trumped Planked SPAM and knocked it into a cocked hat.  Whatever that means.  Brace yourself!  It’s…

A SPAM advert with a recipe for SPAM and baked beans

Yes, it’s SPAM ‘n’ Beans which is, apparently, exactly right for Saturday night (which is rather a shame as I took my wife for cocktails and to a really good concert in Northern Europe’s largest Gothic Cathedral last night (if only I’d seen this first)). It seems delightfully simple to cook, consisting as it does of two ingredients; SPAM and baked beans.  Simply place slices of SPAM in baked beans and cook them on the hob, then serve in some sort of dirty brown pot with congealed sauce oozing over the side.  Who wouldn’t be overjoyed to be served this?  It seems that the simplest recipes are often the most delicious.*


*Sadly I’m the member of the 7 Reasons team that doesn’t eat meat and – as SPAM is a distant relative of meat – I can’t try it myself.  Any readers care to give it a go?**

**7 Reasons will be back tomorrow, without any tummy trouble whatsoever.


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1 Comment

  1. My mother used to make this! Only her variant was to top it with mashed potato and grated cheese. It was actually quite nice.

    I’m hoping to do a ‘childhood food’ feature on my site, but my wife is refusing to eat any of it. All the more for me, I guess.

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