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7 Reasons That It’s Great to be Back

Posted on May 3, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

We’re back!  We’ve been away and while we’ve been away things have happened and that was lovely.  But now we’re back, and it’s great to be back.  Here are seven reasons why.

People jumping for joy

1.  We’re Bigger And Better.  Since we’ve been away, we’ve grown.  Now we’ve come back bigger and better than ever.  Bigger because Marc has used the holiday to practice his eating, and better because…well, we’re bigger than ever.  More is more.

2.  We’re A Force For Good.  Last week we did the Osama Bin Laden gag to end all Osama Bin Laden gags and now he’s dead.  Coincidence?  We think not.  There’s no telling what we’ll be able to bring about next just by poking fun at it.  We’re hoping it’ll be untold riches or a book deal or something, but if we inadvertently end global poverty, homophobia or Masterchef then so-be-it.  We make things happen.

3.  We Keep France Honest.  Ever alert, ever vigilant, the 7 Reasons team (well, Jon, he’s nearest) is keeping an eye on France.  Now that 7 Reasons is back, there’s almost no Frenchist act of treachery or stupidity that you won’t get to know about.  You’ll hear it right here first.  It’ll be like being in Paris but with tea and no glass pyramid.  Unless you have a glass pyramid in your house which, on balance, would be very weird.  Why would you have one of those?  Why?

4.  We Give You A Sense Of Purpose.  We post every day.  Without fail*.  So when 7 Reasons appears in the morning/afternoon/evening/at bedtime (delete as appropriate based on location/how slowly the team are writing that day) you know it’s a day.  And that it’s a different day to yesterday.  And to tomorrow, though you won’t know that until tomorrow is today, which is when a new 7 Reasons post appears.  Yay!

5.  We Are Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Reinvigorated And Many Other Words That Begin With Re.  Before we took a break we said that we would come back more creative and so far today we’ve looked at the ceiling for a bit.  We’ve also come up with a new blog idea called Lunch Wars in which we post pictures of our lunches and Lunch Wars readers get to vote for their favourite.  It’s the ultimate lunch-versus-lunch death-match to the death; the most awesome epic sandwichy battle you’re ever likely to see; a titanic struggle of biblical proportions in which two sandwiches – two trained, honed butties at their physical peak – go head to head in colossal combat…

6.  We Need To Do This.  Because the 7 Reasons team have wives and children and fiancés and parents and siblings and nephews and nieces and cousins.  And a friend.  And when we’re not busy reasoning here, we’re busy hanging out with them and talking about sandwiches.  And they need a break from us.  They’ve grown haggard over the last fortnight.  Haggard.  And they get very upset when their sandwiches lose.

7.  We’re Shiny And New.  Look!  Look around**, we’ve revamped almost everything.  There’s stuff that lights up and stuff that moves and stuff that changes colour and probably stuff that stays still too.  And there’s some stuff over there.  Just look around and click on things.  You can’t wear them out (hopefully).  Go forth and look at the shiny-shiny.  We’ll be back tomorrow***.


*With some fail.

**If you’re reading this on your Kindle stop looking around.



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