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7 Reasons That Bins Shouldn’t Have Passports

Posted on April 27, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

Terrible news, 7 Reasons readers.  According to the UK’s Identity and Passport Service, 10,000 passports per year are thrown in bins.  Probably.  This – if their apparently baseless supposition – is to be believed, is an awful development.  At 7 Reasons we are firmly object to bins with passports and are wholly opposed to the internationally travelling bin.  Here are eight reasons why.*

A metal bin on a plain white background

1.  Relationships.  We don’t have wholly idyllic relationships with our bins, it has to be said.  They’re generally old, ugly and a bit smelly.  That aside, they don’t seem to have any great expectations of us and are generally quite happy to take any old rubbish from us (except glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium, more glass and compostables).  If our bins had passports and were suddenly free to leave, we would miss them, and our gardens would probably look like this, assuming that they don’t already.  In fact, hoping to god that they don’t already.

A very messy garden

2.  The Bins Might Go Somewhere Nice.  Possibly Nice.  Or Marseilles.  And why wouldn’t bins want to go to somewhere exotic? This could lead to the world’s most popular beauty spots looking something like this.**

3.  Postcards.  People are rubbish at writing postcards.   They’re usually bland, dull, slapdash affairs that convey little.  Who’s to believe that bins would make a better job of it?

4.  Bin-men.  And what about bin-men?  They become apoplectic with rage and petulantly start hurling rubbish and bin lids about if our bins are three feet away from where they expect to find them, let alone if they’re nine thousand miles to the left of the back gate gambling in Las Vegas or hiking in Peru.  They’d be livid if they had to cross an ocean to fetch them.

I started searching Google Images for pictures of angry bin-men, then a bout of existential despair overtook me and I started looking for other, happier images. Please imagine an angry bin-man. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.

5.  Air travel.  Airports will be even more hellish – if this is at all possible – if bins travel internationally.  The queues at check-in and at Wetherspoon’s will be swelled by their ranks, and as for security…

A throng of tourists at an airport
Just a couple of bins at the metal detectors could cause this.

6.  Mystery.  And what if all the bins left Blackpool?  How long would it be before anyone noticed?  Years, probably.

Rubbish in Blackpool

7.  Terrorism.  If bins had their own passports, it could be possible for fugitives to secrete themselves within them and use them as international transportation.  That could have all sorts of consequences.  Could we see sights like this?

Osama Laden Bin!


7 Reasons will return tomorrow before going on holiday again for a few days.  We will not be taking our bins.

*No, of course not.  Only a fool would expect anything other than seven.

**Half of the 7 Reasons team thinks that Paris already looks like this.


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