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7 Reasons That 7 Reasons is Going on Holiday.

Posted on April 21, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

The 7 Reasons team are going on holiday for a few days!  Here are seven reasons why.

1.  Jon.  Jonathan Lee is often thought to be self-obsessed.  In no way do we want to add to the Jonathan Lee narcissism rumours here, but he does need some repairs doing to his computer keyboard and the keys affected are – in no particular order – J,O,N,A,T,H,L,E and the space bar.  The time off will enable him to get it fixed (the computer, not the self-love) and to spend some time with his fiancé.  They have a wedding to plan.*

They're getting married!

2.  Marc.  Marc Fearns has just had a child.  He seems to have forgotten to take any time off though; he just learned to type with one hand.  He’s had a really sick cat too.  He has had a good night’s sleep recently (sadly, spread over the course of a fortnight) and is now so confused that he gave the vet his son’s name on arrival at the surgery the other day.  If he doesn’t take some time off soon, he may end up enrolling his cat in the local baby group and training his child to chase ping pong balls.  That would be considered bad parenting.  He wants to spend more time with his child.  And his cat.


I want to spend time with my daddy. No, with the owl. I prefer the owl.

3.  Other People.  Other people take time off, and we want to too.  We love what we do here – that’s why we do it – but we looked at other people taking holidays and paternity leave and sick days and whatnot and thought, we’d quite like to try that.  That looks like fun.  Look at those relaxed, happy people that have seen the sun in the past year and didn’t get their tans from a computer screen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be them? So for the next few days, we will be.  We might even become nudists.  It’s going to be great.

4.  Creativity.  Because we’re creative people.  And time off means that we have more time in which to have ideas.  And then when we come back, we’ll act on those ideas.  It will keep things fresh and interesting for us, and for you.  Who knows what we’ll think of?**

5.  Tinkering. The absolute best thing about taking time away from writing and making things is that Marc gets to tinker with the website.  And that’s what traditionally happens when 7 Reasons takes a holiday.  Marc breaks the website and has to spend days trying to repair it while Jon swears at him from Kent, or sometimes from Sussex.  If you visit it while we’re away, who knows what you may witness?  It could be the regular 7 Reasons website, you could end up witnessing one man’s epic struggle against the combined evils of CSS, HTML and the bloody jQuery Colourbox plugin, or there may be a repeat of the most memorable incident and you might see a horse again.  Anything could happen.

6.  Scheduling.  Because we’ve scheduled it really well.  We’re only going to take the two bank holiday weekends off and will be back on May 3rd.  So we will be posting next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It’ll be like we haven’t been away at all, except that we will have.  So the disruption will be minimal, which is the absolute best form of disruption.  Which means that we’re really spoiling you with this disruption.  You’re welcome.

7.  We’ll Still be Here.  Other than there’ll be fewer new posts over the next fortnight, 7 Reasons will remain (except for any calamity resulting from Marc’s tinkering) unaffected.  The 7 Reasons Emporium will remain open, selling yellow t-shirts in many new and surprising shades of yellow, and all of your favourite posts will still be here.  We’ll also be tweeting from our archive while we’re away.  Feel free to come and visit.

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend, whatever you’re doing, and we look forward to seeing you again soon,

Marc and Jon.


*Claire has a wedding to plan.

**If you do know please get in touch, it will save us a lot of time and effort.

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