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7 Reasons We Like Birthday Cards

Posted on April 15, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

Last year we provided you with seven of the finest World War propaganda posters that the world had never seen. They now exist in a very pleasant postcard collection. Today we thought we’d do the same with birthday cards. It’s a fascinating collection displaying the very finest in 7 Reasons style, humour and photoshop. Well, mostly.

1.  Eyechart. Remember the good old days when your Dad could read? Yes, so do I. This card humorously reminds them that they are aging very quickly. Don’t worry, they wont find it insulting. By the time they have found their glasses they’ll have forgotten what they needed them for.

7 Reasons We Love Birthday Cards

2.  I Like This. Are you on facebook? Yes, of course you are. The only person who isn’t is my Mum. And good for her. It means she has more time to bake cakes and stuff. It also means she has real friends. That’s in stark contrast to the rest of us who have never actually met at least 20% of our ‘friends’. This card is ideal therefore for the social media nut in your life. It would also help if they have watched Notting Hill. And they’re a boy. You need to be a girl too. Or a male lesbian.  

7 Reasons We Like Birthday Cards

3.  Copper Letters. This is our minimalist card. It wasn’t intentional, it’s just that these were all the letters we found down the side of the 7 Reasons sofa. Luckily for those among us who have birthdays, all the letters required to spell ‘Happy Birthday’ were present. Unfortunately we could only find a number zero and a number six. Which means this card is only really suitable for the six or sixty year-old in your life. At least you can reuse it though. Just hang on to it for fifty-four years.

7 Reasons We Like Birthday Cards

4.  White.  Then we realised that our minimalist card wasn’t minimal enough.  So this is our ist card (it’s so minimal that we could only make it more minimal by dispensing with the word minimal).  Have we said “minimal” enough now?  Good, we’ll stop then.  This card recognises that the best cards in the shop are always the ones in which the interior is “left blank for your message” and contains the message “exterior left blank for your image” within.  Printed in white.  Which makes it appear even more…er…even less maximal.

A blank birthday card.

5.  Chess With Death.  This birthday card designed specifically for the film buff references the Ingmar Bergman classic The Seventh Seal, in which an ailing knight plays a chess match against Death to prolong his life.  It’s a card which accurately represents how most people over the age of thirty view birthday cards anyway, except that most people don’t even get the fun of a chess match on their “special” day.  This is not a card for birthday fans.

A Birthday Card depicting the chess with Death scene from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal

6.   Happy___Birthday.  This is the only card you’ll ever need (which is something of a shame, as there’s one more to go).  If you keep a stock of these at home you’re all set for every eventuality.  Can’t find a card with the right age on it?  No problem, there’s space for you to fill it in (to the day).  Forgot the birthday and you’re sending it late?  No problem, you can just tell them you meant to send it as a happy-sixty-fourth-plus-two-days card.  Know someone who hates birthdays and want to stick the knife in?  No problem, just send it with their age plus a hundred and eighty days, half a year after their birthday.  They won’t be expecting that!

Happy___Birthday plus___days.

7.  Deforestation. We’ve just designed a lot of cards. Well six. That’s a lot if you’ve only got five fingers. It’s also a lot of paper and, as we should all know by now, paper comes from trees. Our seventh card therefore highlights the plight of our rainforests. A greeting card that urges people to save the trees is a brilliant contradiction and one we hope will appeal to the hypocrites among you.

7 Reasons We Like Birthday Cards

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