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7 Reasons to Shop With 7 Reasons

Posted on April 8, 2011 in Posts | 0 comments

You’ve laughed with us, you’ve cried with us, you’ve watched us, you’ve read us, you’ve heard us, you’ve written for us, you’ve tweeted with us, you’ve got engaged with us, you’ve had a baby with us and probably other stuff too.  And now, in a new and exciting development, you can shop with 7 Reasons.  And here are seven reasons that you should.

The online shop of the humour website, 7Reasons.org

1. Be Unique.  Everyone wants to feel distinctive, unique and a bit special.  And, if you purchase a 7 Reasons t-shirt, the chances are very high that it will actually be unique.  After all, how many people are you likely to bump into in your local pub wearing the same Haystack Poking Patrol t-shirt as you?  And even in the unlikely event that you did meet someone else in a pub wearing that same t-shirt, you could just say, “Hello Marc” and I’d probably buy you a beer.  You’ll be unique or you’ll get beer.  That sounds like a good deal.

2.  To Marvel At The Emporium.  The 7 Reasons team have (amongst other things) expertise in web design and the retail sector.  You might think that this would make putting together an online shop easy.  But you’d be wrong.  Because in typical 7 Reasons style, the one with the retail background did the web design and the one with the web design background is in charge of the retail side of things (and did everything else).  So if it does crash or start randomly giving away free merchandise you’ll be there to witness/benefit.

3.  Because Our Wares Are Really Jolly Good.  I didn’t have anything to do with the design of the lemon t-shirt (God or Darwin, depending on your viewpoint, designed the lemon and Jonathan Lee did the rest), so I can say this.  It’s bloody brilliant.  Look at it!  Just look at it!  It’s really a beautiful piece of design.  It’s a pop-art pie-chart in lemon.  Who wouldn’t want to wear that, other than the abjectly wrong and gits?  No one.

A t-shirt from 7 Reasons (.org)

4.  Innovation. Because the product range will grow as we think of more things to add.  We’re already looking into producing 7 Reasons Inspirational Beer-Mats, calendars and fridge-magnets, so you’ll never know what you might find there:  A 7 Reasons horse; a 7 Reasons handbag; a 7 Reasons his and his voodoo doll set; a replica 7 Reasons sofa.  Anything.  Or if you don’t find what you want, you might eventually, because…

5.  We’re interactive.  We can’t think of everything.  We’ve tried and have gotten distracted by girls and tiramisu and things.  But we love great ideas and, if you’ve thought of something you’d like to see in the 7 Reasons shop that isn’t there, you can email us and, if we think it’s a good idea, we’ll look into making it.  And we’ll probably put your name on it too, unless it’s something really small – or embarrassing – in which case we won’t.  Or if you have a really long name like Bartholomew Constantine Washington Penderghast the third, we might not. But if you’re called Jennifer Aniston we definitely will, and that’s a promise.

6.  Incentive.  Has any other website ever encouraged you to invade a country?  Yes, probably, but only evil ones.  We’re nice chaps though, and we’d like to encourage a more benign, civilised, conquest: So the first five readers that are photographed standing atop the Eiffel Tower waving a Union Flag and wearing one of our France Invasion t-shirts will get the money they spent on the t-shirt refunded.*

7.  Because We’re Very Excited.   So excited, in fact, that we spent a couple of hours putting this post together about our shop and forgot to include a link to it.  So here it is (this is the link).  Now go and shop till you drop!  Or at least until your arms are very full and you feel a little faint.**

*We can sometimes tell the difference between the Blackpool and Eiffel towers and we’re also quite good at spotting things that have been photoshopped so no tomfoolery, please.

**I – Marc – would like to thank my colleague Jonathan Lee for all of the effort that he put into the shop and the merchandise (and for fielding slightly ranty emails about World War Two font styles and spacing without ever losing his cool).  Never let it be said that he doesn’t work very, very hard indeed.

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