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7 Reasons That Women Shouldn’t Listen to Chaka Khan

Posted on March 23, 2011 in Top Posts | 1 comment

Yesterday my writing partner Jon wrote about a man in Folkestone who has had his stereo and CD collection confiscated for playing Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman at “ear-splitting” volume through the night.  Jon wrote brilliantly.  Jon, however, did not have an explanation as to why anyone would play I’m Every Woman at an abnormally high volume and put it down to “… feminist undertones that are far too subtle for my man-sized brain to detect”.  He was wrong though.  Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman is not a feminist anthem in the least.  It’s a hateful piece of misogyny.  Women: Here are seven reasons that you should not listen to Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman.


1.  “I’m every woman”.  Women are subjected to many idealised and unrealistic representations in the modern media:  They’re shown waiflike airbrushed models in every magazine and told they should look like them; they’re shown domestic goddesses in ideal kitchens and told they should cook like them.  They’re shown Kirsty Alsop and told to do whatever the hell she says.  In short, women are burdened with unattainable and unrealistic expectations.  It is oft said that a woman should be “a whore in the bedroom and a chef in the kitchen”, but for many women, this is an unattainable goal. Not for Chaka Khan though, she’s every woman: She’s a whore in the bedroom, a chef in the kitchen, an iron lady in parliament, a ballerina in the dance hall, a rocket-scientist in the rocket and Mother bloody Theresa of Calcutta in Calcutta all rolled into one.  How is any mere mortal woman supposed to compete with Chaka Khan?  They can’t.  She’s every woman.  Any woman hearing this will feel inadequate.


2.  “It’s all in me”.  Chaka is also a massive slut.  It’s all in her.  Whatever it is, she has all of it.  In her.  That leaves none for the rest of you.  Not a drop.  Not an inch.  Not a sausage.  And how does Chaka Khan spend her remaining leisure hours?


3.  “I can…mix a Special Brew”.  That’s right, she spends them making cocktails for tramps.  Do you do anything as virtuous and worthy as that?  No, of course you don’t.  None of the rest of you have even considered donating your free time to servicing the beverage needs of vagabonds, have you?  No.  Only Chaka Khan is this benevolent.


4.  “I can read your thoughts right now”. She knows what you’re thinking too.  She knows that you’re thinking, “What a smug bloody bitch, how am I supposed to compete with her?” Or, if you live in Folkestone, “Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!  Turn it down you bastard!!!!”.  Whatever bad thought you are thinking about Chaka Khan, she knows about it.  And this doesn’t bode well for you because…


5.  “I can…put fire inside of you”.  Yes, Chaka Khan can make you spontaneously combust!  As if it weren’t bad enough that she’s making you ordinary non-super-awesome-Chaka-Khan-women feel like wretched and inadequate harridans, she’s threatening you too.  She can summon the power of fire!  The message is clear: Don’t anger Chaka Khan ladies; she can set your innards alight; she can singe your ovaries and toast other bits that I don’t know the names of.   Chaka Khan can kill you with her disco inferno.  And she probably will because…


6.  “Danger or fear, instantly I will appear…” You’re aware that Chaka Khan knows when you think bad things about her and you know that she can make you burst into flame.  So you are in danger, and you’re probably afraid.  And you should be very, very afraid because that’s the very point when Chaka Khan will appear!  Instantly!  And she’s likely to be furious.  But you shouldn’t just be afraid of spontaneous combustion, you should be afraid of being in the same room with her full stop.  Because – even if she’s in a benevolent mood and you find that you aren’t on fire – you’ll look like a feckless inadequate in comparison.  Because she can do even more than you previously supposed…


7.  “Anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally”.  It’s not enough that she’s bloody every woman that can have any man (and has) and that she can read your thoughts and make you burst into flame at will, Chaka goes on to tell us that she can do anything. Naturally.  This means that she can change your mood with crystals, she can heal your ailments with reiki, she can beat you in a gardening contest without using fertilizer, she can probably put up bookshelves using whale-song.  She’s not merely omnipotent, she’s environmentally sustainable, GM free, solar-powered, dolphin-friendly and her farts probably smell of unpasteurised organic monofloral honey (or at least they would if she farted but she never, ever does).  The only thing that Chaka Khan apparently can’t do is nothing.  Artificially.  Which isn’t really much of a flaw as far as I can see.


So there you have it.  Playing Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman at an ear-splitting volume is a crass act of misogyny that is calculated to make any woman listening feel inadequate, envious, unworthy, paranoid, afraid, very afraid and when – with tear-streaked make up – she’s sobbing in terror and doesn’t think she can sink any lower it makes her feel just that little bit more inadequate.  And fat.  Chaka Khan is a heinous oppressor of women and I say we should burn the witch.


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  1. This was dumb. Yu obviously masterbate to her music. Anyone that has time to literally “decode” a song in this fashion either hates themselves or masterbates too much. As silly as this comment may sound, it’s nothing compared to how wacky this article was. Try masterbating to massive attack’s “angel”. Good luck and try taking up a hobby like fishing instead of masterbating all the time.

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