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7 Reasons to Wear a CAT Cap When Borrowing a Flat Flap (For Fat Cats)

Posted on March 17, 2011 in Posts | 1 comment

The CAT cap, that iconic piece of American headgear is, despite what you may have read yesterday, the ideal piece of millinery to wear when borrowing a large cat flap.  Here’s why.

1.  You’re Lost.  On the way to see your flat flap (for fat cats) lender you get lost and you don’t have a map.  Normally, you couldn’t ask for directions at all but, with your CAT cap as a disguise, you can.  By pretending to be an American.  It’s a well known fact that 94% of lost American tourists that you encounter in the UK are actually fat, badly dressed British people putting on a funny accent.  You can be one too!


2.  Whippets.  You might not own a fat cat at all, you might own a whippet; those mid-sized runts from greyhound litters.  But what if you want to borrow a cat flap for a whippet and don’t want it to be known that your greyhound is inadequate?  You can’t wear a flat cap, they’ll assume you’re a whippet owner.  You can, however, wear a CAT cap and pretend that you’re borrowing one for a cat.  And that your caps lock is stuck.


3.  Escape.  You’re on the run.  They’re after you.  It’s your own fault really, you fell into bad company and were led astray.  When one of your friends suggested that you should brilliantine your hair and don clothes from the 1920s to go out for a night on the town, you acquiesce.  Unfortunately, your gang’s – having consumed several too many Tom Collins and Manhattans – behaviour has become indecorous and has descended into committing acts of japery and tomfoolery.  Soon, you and your friends are filming each other with your portable telephones as you grab total strangers on the night bus and forcibly dance the Charleston with them.  After one happy flapping incident too many, you find you have become separated from your chums and are being chased by an angry, powerful looking man called Matt whose only desire for the evening was to enjoy a quiet meal out with friends, and transport his large cat flap (for his fat cat, Pat) home.  And boy is he fast.  As you tear round the corner of Crash Street you find that he is tiring though, and you begin to pull away from him until, eventually, he is out of sight altogether.  Then, with creeping horror, you realise that something is blocking your path.  That’s right, it’s the Crash Street wall: You’ve run into a dead end.  Desperately scanning the surrounding area for some means of escape, you spot a yellow CAT cap protruding from a bin bag.  You dust it off and put it on just as Matt bounds into view.  “He went in there” you shout while pointing at a padlocked door to your right, “here let me hold that for you”.  He hands you the large cat flap and furiously heads toward the door.  While his back is turned, you rapidly attach the cat flap to the wall and make your escape through it.  If it weren’t for the CAT cap, this might not have ended so well.


4.  Baldness.  Have you ever lent a cat flap to a bald person?  No.  No one ever does.  They need to cover their heads to get cat flaps.  A CAT cap will achieve this.


5.  Fame.  You’re Guy Ritchie.  You need to go out and borrow a prop.  It’s a flat cat flap for a fat cat (the film’s in plain old 2D, so you only need a flat one).  But you’re being papped, so you can’t wear a flat cap (as you’re a recognisable chap who they’ll try to snap) so you slap on a CAT cap to borrow your flat flap (for a fat cat), which you’re able to borrow without incident.


6.  When Abroad.  You’re in America.  In the American mid-west, in movies from the eighties, where most people wear plaid shirts and mesh CAT caps.  And you’re on holiday.  Being the sort of person who likes to be prepared (and has a suitcase full of baked beans, ginger biscuits, tea and beige trousers), you have remembered to pack your fat cat and your door, but have unaccountably forgotten your cat flap.  Your cat won’t be able to get through the door so you’ll need to borrow one.  And how better to approach the locals and showing them you’re not a stranger than by donning a CAT cap, and driving over to their place in a pick-up truck.  With Michael J. Fox or Kevin Bacon in the passenger seat.  It’ll put them at their ease and they’ll be happy to let you take their cat flap.  And these broken wings.


7.  Donning.  Perhaps you’re already the wearer of a CAT cap.  And already own a fat cat, for whom you have a cat flap.  But what if your fat cat has had some sort of cat flap mishap that caused it to snap (the cat flap, not the fat cat) while you were having a nap?  Well in that case, you’d need to don your CAT cap and pop out to borrow a flat fat cat cat flap to replace the one that snapped.  Self-evident, really.


Would you like to see us continue with the happy flappy catty cappy hat cap flat plap cat claptrap until one of us has some sort of meltdown?

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  1. I put the last one, which for me translates as “Do more, please”.

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